Secura – Equitable shelter for security personnel on construction sites


Vigiles Urbani was the force that wont to guard the town of Rome and is claimed to be the origin of today’s security guards. Security guards were called watchmen during medieval times and them forming a corporation to serve people by protecting their properties was invented within the 1850s by Allan Pinkerton.

For ages, their roles are of significance from protecting important personnel to protecting possessions and without their contribution, tons of our history would are lost.

They risk their lives in ways in which won’t seem significant and their sacrifices go unnoticed often. they modify shifts and spend half the day working and therefore the spouse rests. it’s our responsibility to supply them an efficient work shelter. Of the several ways their lives are often made easier and efficient, projects often put their station design on the rear burner and let it affect the way they function and their health too.


If cost is that the excuse, let’s find how to barter it with good design.

The challenge here is to style a compact and safe 4m x 2m x 2.5m security cabin/guardhouse which will be built near construction sites and may be dismantled and relocated when needed. The cabin is procured at a lease/rental for project tenure and sent back once its job is complete.

The aim of this exercise is to deliver a universal design no matter the project budget. the planning doesn’t imply to induce riches or costly comfort, but rather bringing more dignity to the daily lives of this security personnel.

Space are often situated in any site or project that might require a security cabin of that scale. Material selections/configurations are kept unrestrained for this challenge and are placed on participants to freeze these supported the above premise.…

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