Architecture & Games العمارة والألعاب

Serious Fun. Architecture & Games

What architectural tales are incorporated into dollhouses, how do cities develop in video games, and what kinds of structures protect ego-shooters from their attackers? The exhibition displays and analyzes toys and games related to architecture and invites you to play, and think.

Toys and games related to architecture are a legacy of our culture and technology. Others are played on computers or gaming consoles, while others are composed of wood, metal, or cardboard. Hybrid variants create a portal to other worlds by transforming the metropolis into a gameboard. The exhibition includes both games and game-related insights. Architects, artists, and game developers created the exhibits, many of which are interactive.

Visitors can participate in a virtual London real estate market, experience dollhouses as gruesome minidramas, or create eco-friendly city districts in partnership with others. They can also take an alternative city tour through a gaming setting. Games not only incorporate architectural practice, but they also serve as a critical reflection of it.


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