SkyDome: Russian dome homes of the future قبة السماء: منازل القبة الروسية في المستقبل

SkyDome: Russian dome homes of the future

Dome homes aren’t just visually delightful, they also have advantages over your typical boxy house. Russian company SkyDome’s futuristic dome home is one such gorgeous example.

Built from 95 percent natural materials, the spherical buildings are twice as strong as an ordinary home and sport an interior that’s even more beautiful than what’s seen on the outside.

Described as the “home of the future”, SkyDome’s dome homes are lighter than a typical home, yet study enough to withstand up to 700 kilograms of snow per square meter.

The dome shape allows for an even distribution of external loads.

Zero internal load-bearing walls allow for complete customization of the interior plan.

Each home is typically clad in solid pinewood that’s treated to protect against pests, mold, and fire.

Other natural materials include larch roof shingles and insulation made from cork, flax, and seaweed.

The spherical shape and fewer walls also help minimize heat loss and the cost of energy bills.

SkyDome offers six versions, each varying in size and price from the Sky 6, a 34-square-meter dwelling, to Sky 15, which offers 260 square meters of living space.

It’s approximately 44,500 rubles ($627) per finished square meter.

While two stories are the standard, the homes can be customized to include more floors, if size permits.

The houses are built atop a pile foundation and the company estimates that construction should take no more than three to four months.


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