Alex D’Souza masterfully creates Slide, a one-of-a-kind portable SSD with a built-in USB-C cable disclosed beneath a sliding metal shell.

Alex D’Souza, an industrial designer and visualizer based in the UK, creates “Slide’. It’s a unique portable SSD with a built-in USB-C connector that is beneath a sliding aluminum shell.

This portable SSD concept for Design Workout as a part of their Industrial Design Challenge. This portable SSD concept was simply inspired by dealing with impractical cords that hang down the side of existing SSDs.

The product’s name comes from the fact that the cover can reveal the flexible cable constructed right inside,” says D’Souza.

An integrated flexible and hassle-free USB-C cable that only emerges when necessary is revealed by an extruded aluminum cover that slips over the internal SSD case with ease.

The lid of this unique device skillfully protects the SSD from bumps and drops in addition to offering a clean, minimalist design with gently rounded corners that are flush with the internals.

In contrast to other SSDs, D’Souza continues, “its cable is always there when you need it, safe from harm, and is not annoyingly trailing around when not in use.”

We may also use it in most portable settings or hook it to a desktop computer.


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