Stabellö: crafted for contemporary chalets

Stabellö: crafted for contemporary chalets

The Stabellö series of one-of-a-kind wooden chairs, created by Tomoko Azumi for Milan Design Week 2022, reflects Röthlisberger’s Swiss woodworking roots.

The Japanese designer Tomoko Azumi’s “Stabellö” line of unique wooden chairs. It will be displayed at Milan Design Week in 2022. Additionally, it was created for modern chalets and rustic inns to reflect Röthlisberger’s Swiss carpentry roots.

Röthlisberger is a Swiss manufacturer of high-end design furniture and interiors that seamlessly combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge engineering and technology.

According to Röthlisberger, “all furniture pieces are tributes to the greatest Swiss quality, created in close collaboration with prominent designers.”

Moreover, in their ecologically friendly production, Stabellö deftly exhibits its passion for cutting-edge technology and precise craftsmanship.

Stabellö: crafted for contemporary chalets

According to the proverb, “home is where the heart is.” And Röthlisberger continues, “these chairs, with their distinctive and enticing beauty, have been at the center of innumerable settings in the German-speaking alpine region for centuries.”

Tomoko Azumi masterfully reinterprets this traditional design with a minimalistic warm Scandinavian vibe. Seamlessly showcasing a Japanese sense of shape, articulated simply and gracefully with an international appeal.

It is the ideal versatile choice for family homes, modern lofts, mountain chalets, and stylish pubs. Because it comes with two different backrest options and functions as a stool.

The unique backrest is flexible and unquestionably quite comfortable. The seat and twisted legs are solid wood.

Additionally, it’s simpler to lift thanks to the finger holes in the backrest and the milling indentation under the seat.

Stabellö: crafted for contemporary chalets


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