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Picturing Streets – Discovering global streets through visual stories

Premise Mounted is a part of Uni devising opportunities for Photographers to reflect their ideas, thoughts, and interpretations of capturing the real-world through digital lenses. The forum allows enthusiasts and professionals from the world over to share their outstanding bodies of work.  —- Picturing Awards – aims to promote photography and photographers. Our idea is […]

Online x Offline – Technology and living patterns of architecture

Premise With the worldwide unrest coming to a hamper – these 6 months changed our dependence on our already steep dependence on technology to the acute . Meetings shifted to zoom, restaurants shifted to uber eats, classroom shifting to Coursera – the list just begins. we’ve an app exactly for each single need today, and […]

DIY Home – A home that can be home delivered

Premise The world is at a crossroads where we are constantly on the move. Be it anywhere within the world or any corner we belong in. it’s so universal that owning a home sometimes feels more limiting than liberating. At an equivalent time, Hell against the rising construction/labor costs is pushing land prices to an […]

Chair Challenge 2021 – Discovering the most relevant chairs of 21st Century.

Premise  Chairs are a necessity of each home today and may be easily wont to refresh the design of the house. Armchairs, Slipper Chairs, Study Chairs, Dining Chairs, etc. are a number of the innumerable sorts of chairs to pick from. A chair brings together practicality, creativity, and most significantly engineering. Although it’s been used […]

Millennial House Unit. Ideas World Architecture Competition

GENERAL PURPOSE A basic housing prototype are going to be conceptualized for college kids of 1 to three people with private spaces and shared services. it’ll function as an independent element and can be a part of a group of 10 units. it’ll be located within a natural urban landscape and must stand out for […]

The Tree House

Concurso Internacional de Arquitectura The Tree House For many, “the playhouse ” has been one among the primary self-managed constructions. during this contest we are getting to explore the connection between the house and therefore the tree , and the way these two elements can generate a dialogue. We rescued that first natural impulse to […]

WarszawCall: The new Concert Hall

THEME: Warsaw was born as alittle fishing community to become, during the sixteenth century, the capital of Poland. the colours that characterize the town buildings gave the city a substantial reputation which was interrupted following the damage caused by the Second war . The reconstruction that followed the conflict was so faithful that it gave […]

PRAM 2021 – International Award for the Restoration of Mediterranean Architecture

“La Colombaia”, historical home of the director Luchino Visconti (Forio-Ischia)”  Project proposal for the restoration of the Villa della Colombaia, for public use of the park and the project for a removable cover for the outside area Competition notice 2021 Art. 1- INSTITUTION OF THE PRIZEThe award, conceived since its first edition by architect Aldo […]