US-based company Cosmic has introduced an innovative micro home called Cosmic ONE, designed as a self-sustaining accessory dwelling unit (ADU) equipped with integrated systems for generating solar power, storing energy, and recycling water. This advanced model, which builds upon a version first launched by the company in 2002, aims to address urgent climate and housing challenges.

Design and Configurations of Cosmic ONE

Cosmic ONE offers versatile living solutions through three distinct configurations. The base model, The Studio, provides a compact living area of 395 square feet, incorporating a living space, a kitchen with pocket doors, and a bathroom. Buyers can expand the basic unit to create larger configurations: a one-bedroom unit with a total area of 595 square feet or a two-bedroom unit spanning 750 square feet.

Customization options allow for a range of finishes, tailoring the micro home to individual preferences. For instance, a model showcased in San Francisco features charred wood siding, an orange aluminum fascia, and a steel and stained larch exterior deck. Inside, it is equipped with engineered hardwood flooring and medium-density-fiberboard cabinetry with a white oak veneer.

The construction process is designed for efficiency and sustainability. Prefabricated building components are manufactured in a factory, transported to the site by truck, and assembled on location, typically completing the build in about seven months. This approach minimizes build times, reduces cost variability, and cuts down on material waste compared to conventional construction methods.

Sustainable Technology Integration

Cosmic ONE sets a new standard in ADU technology by integrating advanced systems for sustainability. It features a rooftop solar array that varies in size, accommodating 10 to 32 panels, depending on the specific unit. The smallest array is capable of generating 24 kWh of electricity per day, while the largest can produce up to 76 kWh daily. Additionally, the home includes a 40 kWh battery for efficient energy storage, enabling residents to harness solar power even when the sun isn’t shining.

A significant innovation is its water recycling system, designed to capture and reuse wastewater for non-potable applications. This system promotes water conservation and reduces reliance on external water sources, making Cosmic ONE a pioneering ADU in the integration of solar power and water recycling.

Addressing Climate and Housing Challenges

The development of Cosmic ONE is driven by the urgent need to tackle both the climate crisis and the affordable housing shortage, especially in California. Cosmic ONE offers a scalable, eco-friendly solution to these issues, providing homeowners with a sustainable way to accommodate growing families, establish home-based businesses, or create rental opportunities.

Cosmic emphasizes that addressing the carbon footprint of housing is critical in the fight against climate change. By combining affordability with sustainability, Cosmic ONE contributes to reducing reliance on fossil fuels and minimizing environmental impact.

Market Availability and Future Prospects

Cosmic ONE is currently available for purchase in California, with 100 units initially on offer. The starting price is set at $279,000, which includes installation. As part of its commitment to social responsibility, Cosmic has pledged to donate one percent of the proceeds from each unit sold to the Cosmic Foundation Initiative. This foundation focuses on providing affordable housing and clean energy solutions to children displaced by war.

The company, which also operates an office in Belgrade, aims to expand its market presence beyond California in the future. During a recent pre-seed funding round, Cosmic raised $1.5 million, demonstrating strong investor confidence in its innovative housing solutions.

Cosmic ONE exemplifies the potential of modern manufacturing techniques combined with cutting-edge sustainable technology to create adaptable, affordable housing solutions. By offering a micro home that integrates energy and water systems, Cosmic is setting a new benchmark for sustainable living in urban environments.

In summary, Cosmic ONE represents a significant advancement in the design of accessory dwelling units, providing a model that combines aesthetic flexibility, rapid construction, and integrated sustainable technologies. This micro home not only meets contemporary housing needs but also aligns with broader environmental and social goals, making it a compelling option for forward-thinking homeowners and communities.

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