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Polygood: an environmental conscious material unlocking sustainability on a large scale

Materials & SurfacesThe end-of-life of a product is a crucial factor in determining its ultimate [...]

Yusca Studio: innovative design for environmental sustainability

Yusca Studio is an innovative design studio founded in 2021 by Yu-Ying and Dorian Tosca, [...]

Form Us With Love is making sustainable design into sustainable business

At DesignWanted we enjoy a good play on words, especially when it comes to design. [...]

Kara is a repairable, recyclable, long-lasting coffee machine

Thomas Mair was awarded the DesignWanted Award, within the product design category, for his Kara [...]

Tiny Eco: a coffee machine made from recycled plastic and compostable capsules

Among the winners of the DesignWanted Award 2023, within the product design category, there is [...]

What does it mean to be sustainable in the kitchen industry?

A bet on sustainability and care for people. This was the founding principle of Doimo [...]

Modern furniture committed to innovation, quality, and sustainability

Artu, a relatively new furniture brand created just four years ago, has quickly gained recognition [...]

Six Major Advantages of Sustainable Building

Sustainability in building contributes to the well-being of people and communities in addition to the [...]

These electric off-road vehicles prove that the future lies in sustainability and beauty

Mobility designThis year, a wave of new electric off-rod vehicles will hit the world’s major [...]

Project 213A explores sustainability and craftsmanship

When a design studio describes itself as ‘timeless and playful’, that’s when you know their [...]