Tropical Space, an architectural studio, has designed the Terra Cotta Workshop in Vietnam, featuring perforated brick walls and a traditional brick kiln. This visitor center is located along a river in Dien Phuong and complements the Terra Cotta Studio, a cuboid brick structure designed by the studio in 2016 for artist Le Huc Da.

Design and Structure

For the expansion, Tropical Space added new structures to the rural site, including a cylindrical brick form housing an existing traditional kiln and several workshop spaces connected by a tourist route. The perforated brick walls provide shade and allow fresh air to circulate, while open shelving along the edges displays work to visitors. The building integrates organically with the workshop’s activities and the surrounding environment. The visitor experience is enhanced by a long brick wall connected to the Terra Cotta Studio by an outdoor walkway.

Central Kiln and Workshop Spaces

The kiln is housed within a cylindrical brick structure at the center of the workshop, topped with a skylight and chimney. Surrounding the central kiln is a rectilinear volume containing the workshop spaces, topped by sloping metal roofs. A long, open-air corridor cuts through the center, connecting with a courtyard-like space around the kiln, paved with “failed products and leftovers.”

Architectural Features

The round wall surrounding the kiln creates a simple block, neatly fitting within the flat walls. The architectural space highlights previously unseen activities, offering visitors a new perspective on the workshop. The workshops are open around the site’s edge, while low, narrow openings provide layered views through the central space. This design connects the interior with the surrounding landscape, including the garden, Terra Cotta Studio, and nearby bamboo bushes.

Perforated Brickwork

Perforated brickwork is a common feature in Tropical Space’s designs, responding to Vietnam’s climate. The Terra Cotta Workshop continues this tradition, following previous projects like an office block in Ho Chi Minh City and a coffee shop and home in Da Nang.

The Terra Cotta Workshop by Tropical Space stands as a testament to innovative design and integration with the natural environment, offering a unique visitor experience and promoting the rich tradition of terracotta craftsmanship.

Photos: Trieu Chien

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