The Canadian Architect Photo Awards Of Excellence

The Canadian Architect Photo Awards Of Excellence

Architecture Competition: The Canadian Architect Photo Awards Of Excellence

Canadian Architect is challenging professional and amateur architectural photographers to showcase their best image of a Canadian building in its fourth annual Photo Award of Excellence competition.


Expert and beginner architectural photographers are welcome to present their work for this award. The submitted photograph ought to be close to two years of age. It ought to portray a structure in Canada, by any designer, and from any time span. On the other hand, it might portray a structure outside of Canada yet finished by a Canadian designer (ie. one whose head office is in Canada). A discretionary distinct text might be incorporated, up to 100 words long.

The photographer’s name must NOT appear on the submitted photo, except on the entry form. Photos should be in JPEG or TIFF format, 300 dpi with the largest dimension (length or height) set at 8”.


Awards are given for the excellence of a photo in conveying the particular character and qualities of a building. Jurors will consider the composition, creativity of approach, and overall aesthetics of the photo.

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