The Caravel by Furf Design: poetry meets science

poetry meets science يلتقي الشعر بالعلم

The Caravel is a sculptural urban intervention that purifies urban lakes and rivers and generates biomass that may be used to make bioplastics, renewable fuels, fertilizers for organic farming, and even fertilizers for additional Caravels.

Caravel’s rotational movement reveals two key symbolisms:

  • A recognizable and parody sailboat
  • A water drop

They produced a fully ecological, democratic, and high-impact answer in collaboration with M.Sc. Bruno G. Libardoni, a young scientist with expertise in environmental quality, by the Brazilian Furf Design Studio.

Furthermore, algal bioremediation makes it possible to remove water pollution in big cities at the microscopic level with no expense, no waste, and no operational impact.

The Caravel by Furf Design: poetry meets science

The Caravel simplifies, improves, scientifically, and poetically the implementation of this technology.

A single Caravel (10m2) can potentially remove 10g of dissolved phosphorus from water each day, which is important for encouraging bioremediation and produces about 350g of dry algae (biomass) every day.

Additionally, having cleaner waters can benefit many aspects of the environment, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, traditional water treatment facility energy costs, and population and wildlife quality of life.

They want to hoist sails instead of just a flag. Not to find new planets, but rather to reveal a new consciousness within this one.

A plan to detoxify urban water ecosystems by fusing poetry and science

The Caravel is the outcome of a design strategy on a scientific foundation to develop a procedure that can have a good impact on the planet.

Moreover, 11 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations are supported by the Caravel initiative.

The Caravel by Furf Design: poetry meets science


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