The Chamber of Past Future

The Chamber of Past Future

The Chamber of Past Future

World Premiere – La chambre des mémoires à-venir
in the forbidden basements of Paris La Défense
From September 16 to October 01, 2023, Paris hosts the world premiere of La Chambre des mémoires à-venir.
Mondes Nouveaux and Paris La Défense offer the public a unique experience: the discovery of a complex world where you get lost or find yourself for a period of 30 minutes in the basements of Paris La Défense.La Chambre des mémoires à-venir is designed by architect François Roche, who has brought together a multidisciplinary, international team with New Territories: philosopher Emanuele Coccia (France) & artist Mika Tamori (Japan/Thailand), artist-director Chris Delaporte (France), sound designer Damien Sorrentino (France) and actress Laura Benson (UK/France). Signaling the return of New-Territories_S/her to Europe, France, and Paris, La Chambre des mémoires à-venir is the ultimate opportunity to plunge beneath the Paris La Défense slab into these forbidden places, programmed to be re-structured.

“It seems plausible to us to conjugate a narrative in the past future tense to look at a tomorrow. A tomorrow right in front of us (the one that frightens us and that we never stop caressing). The species will have mutated, at once human and technoid, vegetable and cerebral, chrysalis and Darwinian chimera. Post-parietal creatures give themselves the right to speculate on the hypothesis of a new branch of evolution. Then a journey to the surface, into the psyche of a “blue pill” ” New-Territories_S/he

Furthermore, La Chambre des mémoires à-venir is immersive & performative living, visual and architectural.

La Chambre des mémoires à-venir is experienced, lived, played, felt, constructed and deconstructed. It is this metamorphosis that is proposed in Paris, in the intermediate/interstitial spaces beneath the Paris La Défense slab.

For the duration of the event, these forbidden basements will open up to the public for the first and last time, becoming a den where you can overhear the snippets of a conversation, a dispute, a polyphonic and cavernous controversy put into words & staged between a philosopher & an architect who entrust to pareidolia and cosmic entities what is being whispered about the future of the world in a temporal elsewhere. Moreover, An archaeological retro-future that watches us struggle through the here and now.
“Here, tomorrow, already there”

“Thwarting the relationship with an individual or collective past [—] Remove the illusion of necessity that binds us to a past as a biological species. To (re)experience a site as a childhood bedroom still pregnant with futures that don’t decline into the present. To be able to shatter the evidence with which we regard our Homo sapiens nature as a necessary trait. [—] an experience that frees the life of any species from history and invites it to an exercise in imagination in which everything has yet to happen.” Emanuele Coccia

Moreover, Some Bubbles of a Native Immigrant by François Roche – New-Territories_S/her published in Multitudes – Summer 2023


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