New York lighting brand Apparatus has transformed its Manhattan showroom into a striking red environment to unveil a new modular version of its Cylinder pendant series during NYCxDesign. The showroom, located in the Garment District, has been enveloped in a dark oxblood hue, creating a dramatic backdrop for the brand’s latest offerings.

The Red Room Transformation

The central room of the fourth-floor Apparatus showroom has been completely reimagined, with walls and floors coated in deep red, and matching upholstered furniture. This bold design choice sets the stage for the updated Cylinder series, which has evolved from its original 2014 debut into a customizable modular system.

The installation contrasts the opulent red decor with futuristic elements, including illuminated lightboxes overhead and gunmetal-lined portals. This juxtaposition creates a unique atmosphere that the Apparatus team describes as “Ms Vreeland’s ‘Garden in Hell’ meets Mr Kubrick’s Space Odyssey as imagined by Mr Fellini.”

Showcasing the Cylinder System

At the heart of The Red Room is an elongated pedestal featuring a bronze statue of Phaethon, son of Helios in Greek mythology, symbolizing the theme of light. The Cylinder System, highlighted in this dramatic setting, includes Canopy and Lamp units that can be combined in various configurations, offering flexibility in design. According to Apparatus, the system provides a warm, diffused light that can be directed to highlight specific objects, enhancing the ambiance of any space.

Apparatus’ Evolving Showrooms

Apparatus is known for its dynamic showroom presentations, frequently updating its spaces in New York, Los Angeles, and London to reflect new collections. These transformations are referred to as “Acts,” with each new setup exploring different forms or narratives. Earlier this year, the Los Angeles showroom was updated to include a “modernist grotto,” continuing the brand’s tradition of innovative and immersive environments.

Exploring Renewal and Transformation

The unveiling of the modular Cylinder Series is part of a broader initiative by Apparatus to revisit and reimagine its catalog, introducing new ideas and updating existing pieces. This spring, several such evolutions are expected, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to continual innovation.

To further explore the themes of design, renewal, and transformation, Dezeen’s US editor Ben Dreith hosted a discussion with Apparatus’ artistic director Gabriel Hendifar at the showroom on May 21, 2024. This event was part of NYCxDesign, a city-wide celebration of design that took place from May 16-23, 2024.


Apparatus’ transformation of its Manhattan showroom into The Red Room serves as a stunning platform for the new modular Cylinder pendant series. This bold, immersive environment not only highlights the brand’s latest designs but also underscores Apparatus’ ongoing commitment to creating spaces that blend artistic sensibility with functional innovation. As the brand continues to evolve its product lines and showroom experiences, it remains at the forefront of lighting design, constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and expression.

Photography: Matthew Placek


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