Tiny House Design Competition: Open Call

Millions of people round the world are brooding about how they will transform their lives for the higher . Could living during a tiny house be one among those ways?

At DesignClass we are hooked in to exploring how design can have a positive impact on people’s lives. Few things are as relevant to the present mission as exploring how the concept of home can adapt, grow, or even shrink to match the requirements of the fashionable person and family.

We don’t believe design has got to be fancy or grand but it does need to be intentional. a small home is about as intentional as you’ll get.

This is your challenge, design the small house of your dreams. an area you’ll call home; whatever circumstances you’re in or location you discover yourself. Explore what the small house of your future might be .

Use this competition as a chance to expand your creative energy and hunt down new worlds and possibilities.

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