California Built Up By Artistree with a Telescopic Treehouse

In Sonoma County, California, an elevated treehouse featuring vaulted ceilings was designed by American company Artistree Home.

By 2023, the newest structure — labeled Spyglass, a product of Hometree — will be a fully completed 300-square foot (28-square-metre) house on a 11-acre (5-hectare) wooded area in Occidental, California.

In California, Artistree Home built a treetop home featuring an arched roof.

Will Beilharz, the project designer from Artistree Home, expressed to Dezeen that the design for Spyglass came from a playful moment from childhood when a fallen leaf was transformed into a mini telescope. He continued by pointing out how the folded leaf’s dynamic movement is mirrored by the design’s cylindrical shape.

A massive redwood tree that supports the deck serves as the focal point of the design. There is a bridge that leads to the black metal deck that rises from the hillside and is only one step away. The house is suspended 25 ft (8 m) in the air, held up by slim steel pillars in order to reduce the impact on the natural surroundings.

Folding a leaf that had fallen to the ground into a cylindrical shape served as the inspiration for the design.

To resemble the color and texture of redwood bark, the exterior of the tube is composed of metal diamond shingles with a rust-colored texture.

The kitchenette is situated through the path that leads to the entrance, and the bathroom has a penny round mosaic that is specially made to fit the area. The minimalist house has these features. The bedroom is in the center, and a cedar hot tub on a terrace is at the back.

Support for the construction is coming from a large redwood.

The tongue-and-groove paneling inside the tube creates a continuous visual connection to the forest, extending from the ceiling to the living area and then back outside to the terrace. It feels as though you are inside a hollowed-out log.

The entire rear wall is glass, creating an opening that lets in light and views of the tree that sits in the center of the terrace as well as the surrounding landscape.

Metal diamond shingles with a rust-like texture cover the exterior.

“The power of whimsy is something that designers should never underestimate,” Beilharz said. “Designs that incorporate natural elements leave enduring impressions that are appreciated by all,” history has demonstrated.

He continued, “I am impressed by the building’s design because it can be both relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. It is like combining a playground and a spa.”

Heat pump water heater that uses less energy and uses Scots Pine Thermory, which has been thermally altered and certified by PEFC, is used to make the outer wood covering.

The house has three layers of insulation for sustainability: a radiant barrier, a closed-cell spray foam layer, and hempwool batts. These materials not only reduce carbon emissions, but the temperature of the treehouse is also controlled by a mini-split.

The inside of the room is adorned with tongue-and-groove paneling.

Beilharz stated that they have created their Spyglass unit to be both luxurious and versatile, making it available as a pre-fabricated unit with the option to modify the foundation to accommodate the terrain of the property and the trees in the landscape.

Our goal is to make sure that those who enter the area experience the same excitement one would feel when exploring the outdoors among nature.

BIG created a bridge access in Swedish Lapland to a treehouse hotel, which was adorned with birdhouses.


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