Uncommon Ground, a high-end fashion and accessories boutique, has been designed by MYT+GLVDK in Mexico City. Situated in the Artz Pedregal shopping mall near the city’s southern edge, this store offers a modern shopping experience with a unique architectural flair.

Location and Background

Uncommon Ground occupies a prime location in the Artz Pedregal shopping mall, close to the southern boundary of Mexico City. It caters to customers seeking luxury fashion brands including Courrèges, Maison Kitsuné, Ami Paris, Officine Générale, and Moscot.

Design and Architecture

The design of the boutique was executed by the team at MYT+GLVDK, led by Andrés Mier y Terán and Regina Galvanduque. They were responsible for the architecture, furnishings, and interiors. The aim was to create a versatile space that aligns with the boutique’s focus on the latest trends and seasonal themes.

Store Layout

Uncommon Ground is spread over two levels: a main floor of 246 square meters and a mezzanine of 40 square meters. The two levels are connected by a striking staircase, featuring a unique design with concentric treads that expand outward on the lower half and contract inward like an amphitheater on the upper half.

Unique Ceiling and Staircase

The main floor is covered by a vaulted ceiling made from ribbed elements wrapped in recycled cowhide. Therefore, creating a dramatic and inviting atmosphere. The upper steps of the staircase are highlighted by bands of brushed brass, reflected in mirrored panels across the wall and low ceiling. Below the mezzanine, these brass elements continue into a semi-circular shoe display.

Design Elements

The store employs a color palette of yellow, beige, and terracotta, which is carried through the architectural elements and furniture. The furniture is designed with cylindrical and arc shapes, contributing to a cohesive aesthetic that combines clean lines and tubular segments.

Lighting and Atmosphere

The lighting scheme includes light boxes placed within display niches on both levels. Along with track and spotlights that create a warm glow throughout the store. The central column and the fully glazed storefront display the Uncommon Ground logo, adding to the boutique’s distinct identity.

Integration of Structural and Decorative Features

In the center of the space, a structural column and diagonal beam are incorporated into the design. Thus, aligning with the geometric rhythm and adding character to the overall concept. The use of cylindrical and arc shapes in both architecture and furniture strengthens the store’s visual identity.

Uncommon Ground represents a blend of modern design and high-end fashion. Therefore, providing a unique shopping environment within Mexico City’s Artz Pedregal shopping mall.

Photos: Alfonso de Béjar

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