WarszawCall: The new Concert Hall

THEME: Warsaw was born as alittle fishing community to become, during the sixteenth century, the capital of Poland. the colours that characterize the town buildings gave the city a substantial reputation which was interrupted following the damage caused by the Second war . The reconstruction that followed the conflict was so faithful that it gave the world UNESCO protection. The Jewish ghetto still preserves the damaged buildings to testify the amount of persecutions; Wilanow palace and Lazienki park return a way of austerity often celebrated by public concerts with which citizens retrace the noble musical tradition started here by the well-known composer Chopin. The Warsaw hall aims to represent a replacement icon for the town center, a component of serious value that becomes a cultural incubator for the whole area people . The complex will house inside an outsized hall including spaces for events – rehearsal rooms, recording studios, music shops – where young artists are going to be ready to hone their musical knowledge. a crucial institution for culture which, consonant with the progressive approach of European capitals, becomes a chance for urban regeneration.

More info: www.archicontest.net

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