White house with large balcony designed by BOX Arquitectos

White house with large balcony designed by BOX Arquitectos,

BOX arquitectos a Portuguese architecture practice has designed a narrow,

whitewashed urban house in Ponta Delgado, Portugal.

The house called Windmill House, measures 110 square meters and features a balcony that captures the most beautiful views of the surrounding areas.

The design team used simplicity and cascading planning,

and its general appearance mimics the neighboring townhouses adjacent to the land.

Located in a consolidated urban network in the center of Ponta Delgada,

the architects’ goal was to provide an answer to a very small single family home program.


منزل أبيض بشرف White house with large balcony designed by BOX Arquitectosة كبيرة من تصميم BOX Arquitectos


Design Features

The house has two floors, with the lower floor accommodating one social area,

while the two small bedrooms are located upstairs.

The façade of the house is similar to the houses that children draw in their imagination,

with one door and one window, where the main façade becomes the exclusive boundary between inside and outside.

The program is arranged as flexible as possible and is developed without the need for transition or division spaces.

Where the architects create a social space that acquires dimension in its depth,

the space overlooks the garden at the end of the space.

The garden plays an important role in balancing the house and the private addition at the end of the lot,

and on the upper floor the eastern bedroom gets a balcony.

From this balcony you can visualize the houses that make the urban look,

very special to the neighborhood.

The necessity of simulating greater space is made possible by the skylights in the pitched roof,

which receive and diffuse light throughout the interior spaces.

This space acts as a diaphragm, increasing the vertical perspective.


 White house with large balcony designed by BOX Arquitectos


BOX Arquitectos

Established in 2007 in Lisbon, the BOX practice is backed by a creative foundation that may be unexpected,

to be able to question pre-defined architectural concepts and words.

The studio explores at length the dialogue between form, place and function,

using its original language, in order to reach the rigor of scale in the dynamics of the studio’s architectural project.

They don’t care about difference, but they worry about the monotonous discourse about normalcy.

BOX is constantly searching for archetypes that explain

and represent evolution in the inhabited philosophical and human space,

and in a cultural and social understanding of the universe.


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