Yellow lighting illuminates Le Père store in New York by BoND

This men’s clothing store on Manhattan’s Lower East Side has a bright yellow glow created inside by tube yellow lighting, a design by New York architecture group BoND.

A corner space on Orchard Street of 1,000 square feet (93 square meters) is home to the first flagship store for the cult fashion brand Le Père.

Making use of the store’s broad street exposure, BoND chose to design an interior that would be as striking from the outside as it is within.

“BoND designed the store to feel like a canvas, highlighting the design elements of the clothes while ensuring the space is a place that creators feel encouraged to spend time in,” the designers stated.

The company’s strategy was to use bright yellow surfaces and lighting to draw attention to the fitting rooms while keeping the bulk of the area white to highlight the clothing’s striking patterns.

Additionally equipped with lights to create a sunny glow is a structural column located in the middle of the store, enclosed in a translucent box.

Its golden glow attracts onlookers to enter and is easily noticeable from the street.

Over the past year, neon lighting has made a comeback in retail and other business interiors, popping up anywhere from a Calgary chicken restaurant to a Brooklyn cafe.

Other details at Le Père include the red and black tops of vintage Artek furniture, which are a nod to the neighborhood’s street signs.

The clothing is arranged on industrial metal racks against a soft, neutral backdrop created by floor to ceiling curtains along the rear wall.

The main shop floor, which serves as a venue for meetings, discussions, exhibitions, and events, is covered with wide-plank wood flooring.

BoND created custom furniture items, such as a curved bench, which were made by Brooklyn-based Lesser Miracle, a design and art business.

“The design scheme blurs the lines between a store, a home and an art studio – a space that is both aspirational and livable, combining contemporary and historic elements as a playful strategy,” the studio stated.

A large billboard that Le Père will utilize to display its seasonal visual campaigns and artwork created by the brand’s partners occupies a large section of the facade on the outside.

And Sometimes Boys, the Fall/Winter 2023 debut placement, was inspired by the Korean visual artist Nam June Paik’s creations.

Daniel Rauchwerger and Noam Dvir, who had previously built the global headquarters and showroom for the Brazilian brand PatBo in New York, formed BoND.

The pair had previously renovated a dark, cramped Chelsea apartment for themselves, creating a bright, airy living area.


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