IF it is a worldwide stage for rivalries that plans to interface thoughts from various spaces of society to help change urban areas and make them progressively self-supporting, effective and green. We are searching for creative thoughts and better approaches for deduction. In a worldwide crisis period, it is progressively significant that we think internationally.
IF is the space!
Here, you can attempt to analyze, the sky is the limit!
Where as far as possible is utilized to invigorate your imagination.
This challenge plans to introduce 24-hour engineering reactions to the issues influencing urban communities and society today and continuously the world, with an exceptionally solid spotlight on supportable and harmless to the ecosystem measures.
Responsibility, steadiness, motivation and difficult work are altogether the important bases to build up a suggestion that meets the premises that will be consistently revealed in the opposition rundown.
There is an enlistment period when it closes, the opposition begins!
You have 24 hours to build up a suggestion that reacts to the program contained in the challenge brief that might be accessible around the same time of the opposition.
Face the challenge!
World Health Organization today pronounced the illness as a pandemic. “We can anticipate the quantity of cases, passings, and influenced nations to increment,” said the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.
WHO legitimizes the statement of a pandemic with “disturbing degrees of spread and inaction.” “Nations can in any case change the course of this pandemic on the off chance that they recognize, test, treat, seclude, follow and prepare individuals in the reaction,” said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, at WHO central command in Geneva, Switzerland.
The Director-General of WHO said in a question and answer session that the Covid-19 scourge had arrived at a pandemic level in light of the fact that there are in excess of 118,000 instances of contamination in 114 nations and 4,291 passings. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus reviewed that the pandemic statement “doesn’t change what nations ought to do” to stop the spread of the new Covid, a group of infections that can cause respiratory contaminations like pneumonia.
Source: Lusa 11/03/2020
Timetables and FEES
the start of the enlistment time frame:  February 22th
Limited time enlistment period from February 22th to March fifth at 23:59 –  Fee € 25
Customary enlistment period from March sixth to April fifth at 23:59 –  Fee € 30
Late time of enlistment from April sixth to April seventeenth at 11:59  – Fee € 35
After the competition start  – Fee € 50
Distribution of champs and respectable notices at  www.if-ideasforward.com on June fifteenth
the opposition date
/April seventeenth to April eighteenth/
The opposition begins on April 17th 12:00 early afternoon and finishes at April 18th 12:00 noon (London GMT + 0:00)
1st Place € 500+ distribution on the website, interpersonal organizations and media accomplices +  24H free enrollment + online membership of DTF magazine
second Place € 150 -distribution in site, informal organizations and media accomplices + 24H free enrollment + online membership of DTF magazine
third Place € 50 – publication in site, informal organizations and media accomplices + 24H free enrollment + online membership of DTF magazine
7 Honorable Mentions – distribution in site, informal organizations and media accomplices

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