House Construction on Ile d’Oléron

House Construction on Ile d'Oléron | بناء منزل في إيل دوليرون

Architecture Competition: House Construction on Ile d’Oléron

The BAM team is pleased to announce the opening of its new competition:  Passive House construction in Seignosse

We hope that you will be interested in the subject and that you will want to take up this new architectural challenge!

“The project of this house is demanding and pragmatic. Without pretension, the look of the house will have to reflect its uses: the setting for simple pleasures. It is at the same time that of a warm family house, where we will receive families and friends; of a house of weekend and long vacations; of a house where we will remote work; of a minimalist house skilfully disordered; where everyone will be able to be quiet, not far from the general agitation. Consistent with the family’s lifestyle, the project should be resilient and constructively smart to reduce its carbon footprint and consumption of natural resources. Wherever relevant, choices should be made to preserve the environment. The challenge is to find the right balance between comfortable and compact spaces, bold and sober architecture. A spacious house without being sumptuous, a generous luminosity without environmental sacrifice, a functional house with the charm of the vernacular architecture.”

Registrations for the competition are open until November 30th. Visit our website to find the details of the project as well as the complete application procedure.

We wish you good luck!

Registration Deadline:  Tuesday, Nov 30, 2021
Submission Deadline: Monday, Feb 21, 2022

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