Submit your architectural schemes that promote inclusion, sustainability, community strengthening, and combatting economic deprivation by 2pm on Wednesday. 1 November to see if your submissions could address these pressing issues. MacEwen Award 2024

Are you the brains behind a project that celebrates diversity, offers the community more, or champions sustainability and care for the environment? If so, the MacEwen Award 2024 is your time to shine! The RIBA Journal seeks innovative architecture that makes a positive difference and tackles contemporary social, economic and ecological issues. So why not enter your must-see project for a chance to be recognized?

Launched in 2016, the RIBAJ MacEwen Award was created to recognize and honor architecture for its potential to enhance the greater good, even if extra effort and resources were required. Each year, the award expands and adapts to the changing context of architecture, and continuously champions responsibility and architecture that is in favor of the collective interest. In its 2023 cycle, the award was granted to Scott Whitby Studio’s Jubilee Pool project in Penzance. This development saw the preservation of a historic lido, the addition of a cafe and community space, and the invention of a geothermal energy-powered swimming area. Furthermore, the architects were dedicated to raising funds, generating awareness, and cultivating participation within the local community.

Entries may bring life to a street, creating a marvelous atmosphere, or even cover global issues. All while exhibiting poise and cheerfulness. The award unites enormous endeavors with the simplest ones; acclaimed practices with rising ones; broad initiatives with more localized ones.


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