A Building’s Essence 001 – Education

A Building’s Essence 001 - Education

A Building’s Essence 001 – Education

The Architect profession demands that we master many skills, and knowing how to communicate architectural spaces through drawings and images is a crucial one.

In this competition, you’re going to be challenged to visualize a building. We took care of the design part of the process, by picking three exemplar buildings so that you can focus on the visualization and practice this particular skill.

You’re going to have to choose one of the three buildings to work with. The three projects we selected are all educational buildings within university campuses, however, each of them could be categorized under a different architectural style and has its own, unique story. A story that your drawing should tell.

Your task is to create a single image that represents your building in the best possible way. As mentioned, there is no limitation as to what technique you should use.

You can choose to show the whole building, or highlight specific parts of it. Show it with its surroundings, or not. Display the real materials, or what feeling they would produce. You’re the author of this image and have complete freedom on how to portrait this architecture so take advantage of it.

In order to achieve this, you’ll have to get to know the building’s ins and outs, get into the architects’ shoes and portrait the building to show its best qualities and attributes.

Visualizing a project can be done in endless ways. Just a reminder that an ultra-realistic approach is just one of them. Be creative! Practice and explore a new skill. You can transmit the correct sensation that a building has to offer with many different styles.

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