A wall that creates a new expression

A wall that creates a new expression

As a fourth industrial revolution community space in which information, culture and technology are concentrated, public buildings and libraries are the main programs of Auxoyun. Ok So Yeon Atmosphere Wall developed the historical meaning of Dokdokdang in a modern way and reinterpreted it in the language of the present by borrowing the Po style, the form of the past culture. It is located on the lower slope of the cliff where about 10,000 families live, so it is a place that has a profound impact on the lifestyle in terms of geographical and geological conditions or urban context. Here, a new spatial experience and architectural figurative language are displayed through interactive architecture that responds to the parameters of nature and city data. The Ock Soo-yeon ambiance wall changes the spatial atmosphere by controlling the amount of shadow and light flowing into the building, and creates a new urban expression by responding to the indoor space program and the changing surrounding environment during the day to connect with the outside.

A wall that creates a new expression

▲ space and space and space

the design

Eunjoo Han + Soft Architecture Lab

design manager

Jang Man Hee, Seo Byung Cheol, Park Soo Jin

your location

203, Doksodang-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul


Public business facilities, neighborhood living facilities

Land area

906.5 m 2

building area

441.26 m 2

Total area

2,683.36 square meters


5 floors above ground, 2 floors underground


22 seconds


20.77 m

Build to Cover Ratio


floor area ratio



reinforced concrete structure

outer end

Exposed concrete face treatment, red rice

inner end

Expanded metal, concrete, IMP board, Korean paper

Structural design

SDM Structural Engineer Office

mechanical design


electrical design

Far East Electric Culture


Jahon Construction

design period

2018. 3. ~ 2019. 1.

Establishment period

2019. 3. ~ 2020. 10.

construction cost

7.4 billion won


Seongdong-gu . office

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