AAH Foundation Fellowships

Applications for the 2021 – 2022 year are Open.

The application deadline is April 23, 2021.

AAH Foundation Fellowships

J Armand Burgun Fellowship:

This fellowship is in honor of J. Armand Burgun, FAIA, FACHA, a real pioneer of the Facilities Guidelines Institute, “in grateful acknowledgement of his 50 years of extraordinary leadership, dedication and vision within the development and use of the many generations of this document.” Fellowship award(s) range from $10,000 – $20,000 and attend students and/or professionals who demonstrate a robust interest in advancing the knowledge, application and participation of the Facilities Guidelines Institute.

Griffin/McKahan/Zilm (GMZ) Graduate Fellowship in clinic Planning & Design:

This fellowship has been established by three leaders in healthcare planning through the Academy of Architecture for Health Foundation Legends fund to encourage research into healthcare programming and planning. Fellowship award(s) range from $2,000 – $7,500.

The George J. Mann, AIA Travel Prize:

This travel prize has been established in honor of George J. Mann, AIA, Ronald L. Skaggs, FAIA Endowed professor in health facilities design at Texas A&M, to support travel expenses for college kids pursuing a healthcare architecture education. Recipients are going to be announced at the AIA Academy of Architecture for Health Update at the PDC Conference. Recipient prize amount is $4,000.


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