Agios Kosmas Beach will host the first green tower in Greece

Agios Kosmas Beach will host the first green tower in Greece,

British studio Foster + Partners in collaboration with Lambda Developments, has released the design for the Marina Tower.

The Marina Tower is the first green high-rise building to be built in Greece,

on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, and the building will include many features.

The tower is set to be built in the Agios Kosmas marina area,

transforming the former airport area “The Ellinikon” into a vibrant district.

A new scheme has been adopted for Ellinikon, taking a new direction in Athens’ urban development,

combining new ways of living, working and having fun.

The project, which includes the Marina Tower, covers an area of ​​about 300 hectares,

and includes many diverse neighborhoods that combine residential, shopping, work,

leisure and cultural activities around the largest coastal park in Europe.

Agios Kosmas Beach will host the first green tower in Greece

Agios Kosmas Beach will host the first green tower in Greece

Marina Tower Specifications

The building will be the tallest building in Greece, at 200 meters in height,

and will contain 200 apartments on 45 floors.

The tower will feature green and water features, natural lighting and unobstructed sea views,

and the building aims to bring an innovative design approach and sustainable living to the area.

The construction of the Marina Residential Tower is based on sustainable principles to create a new paradigm of high-rise living and a green beacon in the landscape.

It will be one of six high-rise buildings to be developed at Ellinikon,

and the tower will serve to form a slender silhouette that blends harmoniously

with the natural environment and the special character of the Mediterranean landscape.

Green and water elements have been added to enhance the dynamic climatic nature of the building,

and all residential units will have leading services and amenities,

as well as excellent environmentally friendly building materials and smart building specifications.

The architects at Foster + Partners attempted to draw on cues from the ecological and cultural elements of the Mediterranean landscape,

as well as from the vernacular architecture of Athens to create an innovative design approach.

Agios Kosmas Beach will host the first green tower in Greece

Agios Kosmas Beach will host the first green tower in Greece

Design Features

The tower block has been designed from the inside out to celebrate its unique location, immersing in nature.

All apartments enjoy double sided and also unobstructed panoramic views of the coast and airy interiors.

The design attempts to provide a new standard for sustainable living,

integrated with nature, and is expected to be completed in 2026.

Ellinikon master chart

A scheme that seeks to create a new vision for the future of coastal development of the Mediterranean in Greece.

The scheme takes a restorative approach to the management and design of the existing natural and built resources to breathe life into the Athenian coast.

It establishes a new model for integrated and sustainable living,

transforming the former airport site into a vibrant district.

The scheme site is located near the heart of the city on the Athenian Riviera and is served by metro and tram lines.

The master plan’s restorative approach is based on the site’s history and allows the existing infrastructure to be reused for other purposes.

It seeks to transform the site into a multi-center area with many walkable and mixed-use neighborhoods,

which benefits from its proximity to the Aegean Sea and a large urban park.

Each neighborhood is self-sufficient so that it is integrated with the urban fabric via a series of green pedestrian links.

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