Architecture Competition: The objectives of the AIA Japan Design Awards Program are to promote superior architectural design and planning and offer a platform for architects to receive acknowledgement from their fellow professionals and general public. Its ultimate aim is to enhance the quality of architectural design excellence both for the architectural community and public.


    • Architecture Small Project
    • Architecture Large Project:
    • Interior Architecture
    • Urban Planning
    • Architecture
    • Interior Architecture


Design Quality: Examine how the program or idea is expressed; be creative, considerate, and apply skill. Design Resolution: Consider formal, functional, technical parameters, and how you overcame them! Design Advancement: Put forward new ideas for the development of architectural and/or urban form. Social Advancement: Demonstrate a commitment to social progress by demonstrating how your design can improve lives. Technical Advancement: Analyze new technologies and examine their architectural uses. Environmental Advancement: Highlight your devotion to eco-friendly design, sustainable practices, and keeping energy/resources conservation in mind.


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