Located in Bydogszcz, Poland, in the historic Rother’s Mill complex on Mill Island, Pastry Club Woda is an innovative and fun spot, offering something for everyone no matter the time of day. Bakers, families, and folks out for a night on the town can all find something to enjoy. Formerly a boiler house, this spot was designed by Znamy Się with modern interiors featuring bold colors, creative textures, and symbolic elements. The walls feature vertical grooves akin to raked grain, as a nod to Pastry Club Woda’s past of flour-making.

For a peek at the daily pastry production, an open concept kitchen gives customers a glimpse at the baking equipment and steel elements. Bright cobalt blue is woven throughout the space, referencing the owners’ first restaurant, which was also designed by Znamy Się, and its connection to flour sacks with blue stripes. The other primary color, orange, changes the tone to ready for a night out, and is also seen in the glass wheel. Thus, Pastry Club Woda’s clever combination of pastry shop by day and nightclub by night honors its historic roots, and its modern-day, multi-purpose appeal.


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