Airtomo by Kevin Chiam, cloud air purifier, is here!

Planned by Kevin Chiam for clients in a hurry, the Airtomo is a 3D-printed biomimetic-printed wearable gadget to filter the air above and subterranean.

It was an undeniably challenging period, particularly during the pandemic. At the point when we begin to see the reason to have hope and begin investing energy outside, we understand that there are then again other continuous issues that need our consideration, issues like air contamination.

As indicated by the World Wellbeing Association, 9 out of 10 individuals overall inhale air that contains significant degrees of toxins, which represent a significant danger to our wellbeing and our environment. We may think the fight with air contamination is directly over the World’s surface; however, actually, there’s a major fight happening underneath, as well. I’m discussing contamination in underground transportation. In any case, what can be done? Indeed, plan by and by acts the hero, this time as a wearable air purifier called the Airtomo.

What is Airtomo?

Airtomo is a 3D-printed wearable framework intended to eliminate air contamination from a client’s environmental factors utilizing just water fume. Needing to focus on the issue of air contamination on the London Underground. As indicated by the architect’s examination can be multiple times higher than the side of the road air, Chiam proposes a decentralized and dynamic way of sanitizing the air around us with a bright and vivid plan.

Considering biomimicry, Chiam was propelled by how nature utilizes downpours to clean the air. Reenacting this interaction, Airtomo discharges dry, controlled water fume through a cycle called pooling to eliminate any toxin present.

Through this interaction, water beads transmitted from the gadget tie to unsafe particles and structure weighty bunches that tumble to the ground. Hence eliminating all particles that are the essential contamination from the air.

The cool part about this interaction is that after the poisons are on the ground, they aren’t generally suspended regardless of whether the water vanishes. They can later be taken out starting from the earliest stage. How astonishing is that?


Thinking about each circumstance where we may require a little perfect air, Chiam has assembled a whole framework around the Airtomo. That framework is comprised of various wearables and units that use the same cycle and meet an assortment of necessities. All Airtomo wearables offer you an individual fume cloud that adequately cleans the air around you. Additionally, it decreases particulate resuspension because of foot development.

Intended for in hurry clients, Airtomo wearables hold 30-50ml of water and can keep going for 60 minutes. That is the normal time an individual is progressing. Do you want it longer? Relax! Airto can be accused rapidly of a miniature USB link and can be topped off with water when required!

While Airtomo was in the model stage, Chiam has greater designs to extend its stunning framework and is enthusiastically searching for accomplices to make it a reality and put up it for sale to the public. Meanwhile, we’re counting the days until we have our air cleaning cloud.

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