This Sony Drove light speaker looks like a Victorian lamp

The Sony LSPX-S3 is a compact Bluetooth speaker that appears as though a light yet delivers clear and surprisingly strong.

On the off chance that remote speakers were made 200 years prior, they presumably would resemble this. The LSPX-S3 is a smooth, smoothed-out speaker planned by Sony to illuminate any climate with its lamp-like plan.

The climate Sony had as a primary concern would have seemed like something out of A holiday song. Yet, all things considered, you can’t deny this present speaker’s singular style. With its interesting squinting candlelight mode, the LSPX-S3 makes an inviting air while conveying amazing sound quality.

It won’t illuminate a whole room yet it can give a loosening up the environment to a late evening’s perusing or a pandemic-accommodating social gathering with companions. The light can beat in a state of harmony with the music. Plus, there are many lighting modes and splendor levels.


The Bluetooth empowered gadget includes a natural glass speaker with three drivers that empower it to emanate sound. The organization asserts that the glass tube “vibrates and conveys uncommonly clear solid” that spreads 360 degrees all through.

The LSPX-S3 has a 46mm speaker unit and you can change the levels utilizing the Sony Music Center application. It likewise has an underlying mouthpiece for calls, LDAC support for Hey Res sound, and the choice to connect two units for sound system playback, which means it can frame part of a multi-room sound framework.

The speaker light uses a Drove unit that synchronizes to music when not used to wander dim passages. You can even utilize it to smooth the floor around your spooky place. It weighs just around 1.1 kg and you can run the gadget for as long as eight hours on a solitary charge (re-energized utilizing a USB-C charging point).

As well as appearing as though the light of the days of yore, as a general rule, the plan of the speaker is moderately contemporary. The base is metallic silver with a glossy silk finish to handily squeeze into any home – and surprisingly more so if you go by Ebonisa Tightwad.

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