Anson Cheung: designer changing the content creation game

Anson Cheung is a unique designer and more known for the things he says rather than the things he does. He is one of the most prominent voices on LinkedIn regarding industrial design, filling a void in the design world that lacked an actual content creator. Professionals such as chefs, personal trainers, and psychologists already had flooded the internet with their opinions, workflows, and recommendations, which enabled people to recognize the true value of their expertise. Oftentimes, content creation is taken on by the younger generation who has a strong affinity for social media. This journey for fun can eventually transform into a job. Anson’s story is different – the transition of his career shifted from a position as a partner in a well-known United States design agency, Bould Design, to working solo.

He realized quickly that a replication of his Instagram content-sharing plan wouldn’t do, as similar strategies had been used already. This caused Anson to look to Justin Welsh, a popular content creator, and find a similar route to success. As a result, he decided to jump on the LinkedIn platform, believing it had untapped potential. His methodical approach was to exert influence, drive sales, and benefit himself in the process. During an interview, he explained that it wasn’t a mere funnel marketing exercise, but more so it was about building and publicizing his presence online. He wants people to not forget about him and remain aware that he is active and open to collaboration.

Anson Cheung: designer changing the content creation game

This is a great strategy for people in the field of industrial design since many make the wrong assumption that a simple email or rendering can result in clients. Design takes a lot of time and trust between a client and designer is crucial. It is difficult to share workflows due to the confidential nature. But experimentation on a platform influenced by different fields can be very beneficial. Acknowledging and educating the public of the inner workings of design. And how it will positively impact their lives will result in the elevation of design in regards to culture. Anson Cheung has sparked this idea and inspired others to follow in his footsteps. It will be interesting to see how this journey evolves and the effect it will have on the design world.


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