Arte Laguna Prize

Architecture Competition: The Arte Laguna Prize has announced an extended application deadline of November 22, 2023 for its 18th edition, in addition to four newly introduced Special Prizes in partnership with various international organizations. This creates a remarkable opportunity for artists of all mediums from around the world to take part in this pioneering contemporary art contest, designed to support upcoming talent.

Between November and December, an international jury will evaluate all submissions and select 120 finalists who have the opportunity to exhibit their work in the Arsenale Nord in Venice, March 2024. Each finalist has the chance to win a cash prize of €10,000, as well as Special Prizes including collaborations with Framis Italia, who is offering an award for the best artistic proposal involving the use of their new product, the Framis tape; NoName Studio, who is offering an artistic residency in Shanghai; Energiapuntozero, presenting a prize for artistic proposals focused on environmental sustainability; and IED Group, School of Higher Education, introducing one of their courses as a prize.

A wide selection of awards is available, totaling a prize of €10,000 as the Grand Prize for the overall winner, courtesy of Incalmi. In addition, other sponsors have generously donated various prizes from: PRIMOPIANO CUCINE (€ 3,000), ENERGIAPUNTOZERO (€ 3,000), Framis Italia (€ 2,000), Ied Group (€ 5,000) plus 1 prize each from KINDL Festival Prize (Germany), BJCEM Prize (Italy), Luisa Catucci Gallery Prize (Berlin), Cris Contini Gallery Prize (London); as well as residencies from Fabrica di Benetton (Treviso, Italy), Tasa (Taiwan), NoName Studio (Shanghai, China), BigCi (Australia), NY20+ (China), Blackholes (Latvia), CCCA (Ghana), and MoCA (Venice, Italy). Furthermore, the overall winner has the opportunity to participate in a Group Exhibition at the North Arsenal in Venice in March 2024. Arte Laguna Prize


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