Architecture Competition: AI & ROBOTICS MUSEUM , MEXICO CITY. ARQUITECTUM was the brand pioneering the introduction of international platforms and agencies to host and coordinate open architecture contests. Aimed for professionals, graduates and students, these competitions offer an innovative platform to display their idea and outlook on any designated projects. Arquitectum’s competitions create a safe and exciting environment for architectural experimentation, brainstorming, assessment and conversation. Most importantly, participants achieve global exposure and communication to prospective employers, clients, and publishers.


Architects and designers are being presented with a great opportunity to demonstrate their creativity, vision, and innovation through this competition to design an AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Robotics Museum within Ciudad de México’s Nuevo Polanco district. This location, bordered by Boulevard Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Presa Falcón, and Presa Danxhó, is a culturally relevant area with Museo Soumaya Art Museum, Museo Jumex, Inspark Virtual Reality Amusement Park, Acuario Inbursa Aquarium Exhibition Centre, and Teatro Telcel situated nearby. Making it a prime destination for local and international visitors, participants have the chance to create a groundbreaking and breathtaking structure and landmark for the citizens of Mexico. As part of this design challenge, architects can either integrate an existing building on the terrain or isolate it.


The AI & ROBOTICS MUSEUM, MEXICO CITY competition aims to recognize innovative designs that fit the brief’s parameters. We seek solutions and ideas that are appropriate for the surroundings of the site and able to effectively contribute to the site’s functionality and spatiality. We also welcome discourse on the new structure’s interaction with the local topography and its construction.


This Contest is a one-phase event to determine the most fitting and consistent proposal that conforms to the overall and particular goals of the competition.


This competition, open to architects and design enthusiasts from all over the world, seeks to generate unique and creative solutions for a new AI & ROBOTICS MUSEUM located in Nuevo Polanco, Mexico City (CDMX). This museum should be able to accommodate both temporary and permanent exhibitions related to the history and advances in AI and Robotics. In addition, the competition calls for complete immersion experiences. The design should strive to be inspirational, innovative, and transformative, while being conscious of the existing structure, the influence it can have on the surrounding community, sustainability and energy-efficiency, flexibility, and accessibility. The new museum should enrich the dialogue of how the identity of the area is shaped and transformed.


Open to all architects and graduates who have finished their architecture studies, including those with bachelor’s degrees, this international architectural design competition welcomes participation by multidisciplinary teams of up to four members, with an architect as team leader. Architecture students may enter as part of a team, under the direction of their professor or an architect, though this is not mandatory.


1st Prize:

  • The Arquitectum website, social media accounts, and recommended publications, including magazines, blogs, and websites, have publicized the figure of US $2,500 (Two Thousand Five Hundred US Dollars).

2nd Prize:

  • For the sum of one thousand US dollars, Arquitectum published the content to their website and their social media accounts. Additionally, this content was recommended to a variety of international architecture and design publications, such as magazines, blogs, and websites.

3rd Prize:

  • The Arquitectum website, as well as its associated social media accounts, has published US $ 500 (FIVE HUNDRED US DOLLARS) and promoted it to numerous international architecture and design publications that include magazines, blogs, and websites.

9 Honorable Mentions:

  • Arquitectum’s content has been published on their website and across their social media accounts. It has also been recommended to multiple international architecture and design magazines, blogs, and websites.


  • EARLY REGISTRATION From 27th September to 16th October 2023 (Professional $90 USD, Student $60 USD)
  • STANDARD REGISTRATION From 17th October to 29th November 2023 (Professional $120 USD, Student $90 USD)
  • LATE REGISTRATION From 30th November 2023 to 26th January 2024 (Professional $150 USD, Student $120 USD)


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