Artistic attempt to dismantle elements of Saudi art

Artistic attempt to dismantle elements of Saudi art,

The art of the world heritage has always been recognized in the art of Saudi cultural heritage.

It has been described by the catcher Al-Assiri as one of the most prominent forms of Saudi art,

which is composed of geometric and floral glazes combined in different colors.

Saudi Cat Art is considered one of the most prominent arts related to architecture and interior design.

It is related to the architectural identity in Asir and we are talking about the regions of the Kingdom.

The prevailing trend is the artistic fusion between the different cultures and races in the Kingdom.

Strange to the world, America, for example, consists of more than 50 different states

of each state of art different from the other but ultimately produced by a city or village,

they are an impression of the local culture of speech and not a reflection of a certain trend

and let us be more directly in the subject of art The Saudi architect,

we see that the art of the Assiri cat is dominant,

so what is new in Greece and Tunisia,

but in short there is no more beautiful than the overlap and harmony of colors in the internal painting of the Saudi Assiri Council,

our experience consisted of three stages:

  • Search for Saudi Arts.
  • The abstraction of the elements of Saudi art in a technical way.
  • Exploring important elements.

Artistic attempt to dismantle elements of Saudi art

As for the research side, we have been dragged down in the previous line.

The artistic abstraction, for example, is inspired by the combination of bright and vibrant colors,

which are yellow, green, blue and orange.

All previous colors have a positive effect on the psyche of the vacuum user.

To the life more cheerful than the dark colors and then we will address the way,

we used the program Rhinewa to make these formations and processed in a parametric way

and through the bombing of the form and deal with the details as aggregated units,

the goal is the explosion of the colors of the explosion of colors of the Saudi art

will produce NH out of the distinctive shape and you will see that unity and attributed,

and all other data are consistent.محاولة فنية تفكيك عناصر الفن السعودي

The final aspect is the survey of the elements.

Well, we now have a distinctive painting in terms of the density of the color block and equal elements.

This is the most important. If the gemstone is divided into several forms,

the small stones will be of the same kind as the main stone.

Also, the elements of balance in the Saudi art, but rather Asiri elements balanced

and beautiful amount of the subject of the colors of the amount of distinctive and very magnificence,

and if we take these determinants and presented to the rest of the elements of art,

we are talking about the equilibrium balance that will disturb everyone looking at your panel,

He appreciates you and begins to respect the art Saudi art presents today as a first step towards global steps.

This is less than worthy. Y

ou should look at the many elements that Saudi Arabia possesses and find its strengths,

and do not forget that some nations no longer have an identity or a character.

The basis and direct impact on architecture, art and interior design, and more importantly,

Saudi art is now on the right track.محاولة فنية تفكيك عناصر الفن السعودي

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