Architecture or architectural and geometric construction

Architecture or architectural and geometric construction,

Is the search for everything that can be used from building and construction materials,

whether natural or industrial and knowing its nature and characteristics in terms of its ability to

  • resist moisture,
  • water,
  • heat,
  • sound,
  • light,
  • radiation
  • rust and the extent of its applications and uses in buildings with different uses in the easiest way,
  • cheapest costs and at best Image and appropriate constructional style, in order to achieve the maximum public benefit and convenience in use.

The architect’s language in expressing his ideas and conceptions is drawing,

and the possibility of implementing any structure depends on nature on the level of mastery of detailed and executive drawings,

the accuracy of its dimensions, clarity, and the method of expressing the building materials used.

The buildings in terms of usage are divided into:

Residential buildings, whether they are buildings, residential towers, or villas.

Commercial buildings, which contain administrative offices, clinics, and shops.

Public buildings, such as schools, universities, hospitals, places of worship, cinemas, theater, restaurants, clubs, etc.

Industrial buildings, such as factories and industrial workshops.

Design is an organized mental process in which we can deal with multiple types of information,

integrate them into one set of ideas, and end with a clear vision of those ideas.

Usually, this vision appears in the form of drawings or a schedule,

and the design includes the method and the product at the same time.

Architecture or architectural and geometric construction

It is also worth noting that geometry (geometry) is considered complementary to the art of architecture as it is not possible to work without the use of geometry,

in the implementation of various installations as well as in the work of drawings,

buildings, differential engineering, and engineering architecture as well as independent cells and fractal engineering.

Make drawings or make buildings

The architectural design appears in the form of drawings designed to express the ideas and designs of the designer

about the project or building to be built.

And the task of the designer may end at this stage for several reasons, including the lack of funding to implement the project,

or the use of another person to implement the project or the change of the engineer for personal differences or any other reason.

Many people mistake the designer for producing graphics.

This is only the first step that has been known to start the project, and it is, of course,

useful in providing a complete visualization of the project before starting it so that it can be reviewed with the customer,

owner or user to reach the best perceptions before starting to implement the project.

The goal of architectural design is not drawings,

but rather installations that are conceived in advance and expressed as architectural drawings.

The product or the method:

And the final product, whether the building or the drawings is done through a specific method or strategy that guarantees,

to reach the desired goal in a sound and accurate manner.

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