BD-1: interactive bluetooth earbuds

BD-1: interactive bluetooth earbuds – DesignWanted : DesignWanted

The BD-1 bluetooth earphones by Haechan Ryu in the same manner as Teenage Engineering’s flagship OP-1 Field synthesizer.

Reflecting the needs of leisure users, Korea-based industrial designer Haechan Ryu innovatively fabricates ‘BD-1’. Bluetooth earbuds are brilliantly inspired by the style of the synthesizer OP-1 Field, a flagship model by Teenage Engineering.

The OP-1 is an all-in-one portable synthesizer, sampler, and controller, with additional features like a built-in FM radio and an assignable g-force sensor for motion-controlled effects.

As a student deeply passionate about industrial design. Teenage Engineering is a creative group that motivates Haechan Ryu to a great extent.

“This project which began with personal interest, soon led to – what would Teenage Engineering’s Bluetooth Earbuds look like? 

I wanted to emphasize the aesthetics of the product by reflecting the formative characteristics of the OP-1 Field” says Haechan Ryu.

Take a look at these cutting-edge, interactive Bluetooth earbuds.

Skillfully featuring the minimalistic Scandinavian style of Teenage Engineering. This one-of-a-kind object beautifully comprises earbuds and an eclectic case for them.

The BD-1 case seamlessly further features a small interaction screen that can be found in the OP-1 Field which effortlessly allows one to check whether it’s charged or the song one’s currently playing.

In the same style, you can see another project by Teenage Engineering: the Computer-1 case, brilliantly based on the build-it-yourself concept.

Compact as well as portable, this eclectic object features. A small desk footprint with its lightweight metal and chrome handles makes it easier to move around when you need.


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