City Band Aid Shanghai China by RIGI Design

City Band Aid, Shanghai, China by RIGI Design

City Band Aid Shanghai China by RIGI Design

Three designs related to liquors

On the one hand, the road store is a content exporter, or it is also a street culture producer. On the one hand, it exports the current young culture through its official account, which is the so-called subculture, and on the other hand, it creates a new generation of culture through the link between the tavern and the city streets. A niche street culture that belongs to young people.

For RIGI, we need to carry more public memory belonging to highway shops and even public behaviors belonging to this community through more logical and continuous design, including the use of design to carry the niche and sub-community presented by this community. state. We cherish the diversity and freedom of cities, and we hope to give these diversity more possibilities. In every 20-square-meter store, in every night after 9 o’clock, it should provide more unknown happiness and solace. The world has become more efficient, perhaps more anxious, cities have become more prosperous, and perhaps less interesting, all we have to do is to give this era or city a healing band-aid. Alcohol, cities, hormones, us. This design is related to wine.

▼“158&Road Store” – Green Store
158&OTRS – Green Store ©RIGI Design

On The Road Store., on one hand, a content creator, or, specifically, a maker of street culture. On the other hand, OTRS uses its Official Account on WeChat as a means to spread youth culture, which is described as ‘sub-culture’ by many. Above all these, OTRS also connects the streets of the city through small pubs, creating a niche street culture exclusively belongs to the young generation.

For us RIGI, it is our duty to preserve the public memory of OTRS and the common behavior of the community by creating more logical and extensional designs, which may bring an opportunity to keep the niche and sub-cultural condition of this society. We value the diversity and freedom in this city, and what we want is to give more possibilities to these characteristics. In every store that is barely twenty square meters, in every night after nine o’clock, there could be more unexpected joy and relief in the glasses. The world may have embraced higher level of efficiency, and may also be creating more anxiety. The city may have seen waves of economic boom, and may also become less interesting. What we are going to do is trying to heal the era or city a little bit by making it a band aid. Alcohol, city, hormones, us. This design is about liquors.

▼“PINON 4-2&Road Store” – Red Store
Pinon 4-2&OTRS – Red Store  ©RIGI Design

▼“PARYT HEAD 42&Road Store” – Blue Store
Party Head 42&OTRS – Blue Store  ©RIGI Design


1. About 624 
& Road Shop
About 624 & OTRS

Just borrow a few sentences from the public number of the road shop, so that you can roughly know how this story began.

“In mid-2018, No. 624, Changle Road, landed the first real “road store”. Until today, three and a half years later, after 11 o’clock every night, you can’t buy wine at 624, because considering the nearby neighborhood It will close on time. But you also have a hard time dispersing the crowds sitting at the door with an after party. Ernest Hemingway’s lost generation lounging in bars and cafés in Paris. These expat artists were still alive during the First World War. Toasting over smoking ruins and discovering a culture with artistic potential by wandering the streets hungry. Our generation has also been flattened by new technology, but we are too content with information and images to be Breeding creative breakthroughs. It’s an honor to be a free ferry, in fact, at changle624 & road shop, people gather here because they can feel happy and not nervous.

Let’s start with a quote from the OTRS, to make sure we are on the same page when discussing the beginning of this story.

‘From the middle of 2018, there has been a real, physical On The Road Store located at 624 Changle Road. Till today, the day it closes, you would not be able to buy a drink after eleven every night, because it would have been closed on time, considering on the chance of annoying the neighbors. But you would never miss the crowd in the front of it as they were at their after party.’ ‘The Lost Generation, according to Hemingway, were doing nothing in the pubs and coffee shops in Paris. These immigrant artists were making toasts in the burning ruins of the WWI, spending most their lives starving in the streets, and eventually discovered a potential artistic culture. We the generation are flatted by booming technologies, but we are too easily satisfied with information and avatars, which makes creative breakthrough a rare incident.It is our honor that OTRS has created a ferry of freedom. In fact, in change624&OTRS, people gathered here because of perceivable joy rather than tension.’

▼624 Road Store as it is, original view of the 624&ORTS  ©RIGI Ruiji Design

At this moment of the year, with mixed feelings, we are saying goodbye to Road Shop 624. There are Lao Huang who generously presses the shutter for everyone and looses his cigarettes at every turn. There is also a sword dance in Xiangyang Park every night, comforting countless young people who have lost their love, and every bottle of wine that passers-by drinks every night. Sister Ying, who was in the store, and A Jin, a colleague from the highway store, had been “sermonizing” for countless nights. Even God would come here for a drink. They are the 624 itself and forever friends of the road shop. ”

For RIGI, every project is a presentation of the needs of a certain aspect of society. The road shop that exists at No. 624 Changle Road, or you have been there, or you may not know it, but it existed, or even a phenomenon, no matter what, we need a new beginning. 5 roads, 5 stores, 5 roads, we started this design.

‘At this year, this moment, with mixed feelings, we are saying good bye to 624&OTRS.’ ‘Once there was Huang, who was generous enough to press his shutter and bring cigarette for everyone in need.’ ‘There was Aunt Ying, who played sword in the Xiangyang Park every night, brought comfort to countless heartbroken kids, and recycled every empty bottle to the store. And Jin, a guy who worked here, gave preaching to every visitor, as if God was also a customer at some time.’ ‘They are 624 itself, and friends of OTRS forever.’

For us RIGI, every project represents a specific need of the society. That pub at 624 Changle Road, may have been visited by you, or out of your knowledge till now, did exist for real at some moment, and even was some sort of phenomenon. No matter what, we need a fresh start. Five locations, five stores, five streets, here is where we begin the design.

Five locations, five streets, On The Road Stores, designs about the streets, happen right here.  ©RIGI Design


Band Aid

The new stores of the highway store are located at: Julu Road, Xiangyang North Road, Maoming South Road, Chengdu South Road, 5 roads that are both unrelated and related. Fundamentally speaking, all the shops in the interface of the city are like patches on the street. Of course, we can find all good words to describe what these patches bring to a road, but in fact these designs The role is only one – “destroy”, so it doesn’t sound like we are doing a worthwhile thing. So what we need is – constructive destruction. We need to put a Band-Aid on the damage. Of course, at the beginning, there were 5 stores, but in the end there were only 3 stores.

This time OTRS has chosen five new locations, which are barely related: Julu Road, North Xiangyang Road, South Maoming Road, South Chengdu Road. Fundamentally, all the stores will be planted in the interface of the city, much like patches in the streets. Of course we could make appealing excuses to make it sound worth it, but the fact is the designs are doing the same thing, one thing: interruption. Seems like a less valuable job this way, doesn’t it? Thus what we need is – a constructive interruption. We would have to stick a band aid to make up for the interruption. And of course, as we said there would be five new stores, however, as time went on, district changed, people moved, and ideas changed. It eventually turned in to three stores at the end.

▼Stores like patches in the streets  ©RIGI Design

When RIGI started this design, we hoped to create an expression logic that belongs to the road store, and hope that through this logic, it can be connected to more spaces in the city, whether it is a barber shop, a public toilet, or this time a bar. We are not doing a decorative or topical design from top to bottom, we describe the road store as a band-aid for the city, we are creating an interface to connect more people. We identified two things, colors and numbers.

When RIGI get hands on the design, we intend to form a logic of expression exclusively used by OTRS, and wish the logic could connect more spaces throughout the city, no matter it is a barber shop, a toilet, or a pub as it is this time. We are not, from top to bottom, designing a decoration or a design to only be talked about. We use ‘band aid’ to describe OTRS, we are trying to create a interface that links more people. We decide on two things, colors and numbers.

▼Color scheme, color scheme  ©RIGI Ruiji Design

There are many ways a person has to remember a thing, shape, material, even through emotion. But color is the most direct way, and the most direct way of people’s sight is color. In the general public perception, colors are used to represent emotions, red for enthusiasm, blue for calm, and green for peace. In fact, it’s all far-fetched, color is color. Since we have made a destructive action, we will use a most direct and thorough way to define each store in a most basic way. Just like animals use smell to delineate their territory, we hope that everyone can use this strong medium to identify, red shop, green shop… and so on. Put patches on the streets and draw the turf. Countless possibilities for bringing together the primary colors of red, green and blue. At night, the bright red, green and blue of the magic capital will naturally arouse the dopamine in young people.

There are ways people remember things, for example, through shapes, materials, or even feelings. But color, color is the most direct one, since the first element goes into eyesight is always color. In popular theories, color could be used to represent emotions. Red conveys passion, blue means calmness, and green represents peace. Not necessarily true. Now that we have done an interruptive action, it would be best for us to use the most straightforward and basic way to define every store. Like animals use smells to define each zones, we wish people could recognize different stores by this strong medium. Patch on the streets, divide the zones. Red, green and blue contain immeasurable possibilities. When night comes, the RGB lights spark the three streets and naturally wakes dopamine inside young bodies.

numbers help people to find their way  ©RIGI Design



The design is complete, and the construction is over halfway through. Although the situation is full, everything seems to be under control. It was completed on September 28, and it was originally planned to open on October 1. Then, the factory was powered off. I never thought that the three small shops designed by RIGI, which add up to less than 60 square meters, could be related to the national economy and the national energy policy, but it really happened. Things that were only a few days away from being completed are now thrown in the dark In the factory, it was a tragedy on earth. But I have to find a way to try to finish these unfinished things before October 1st. After serious and ineffective discussions, we decided that since it is “unfinished”, it is better to be honest and call it unfinished. So RIGI designed a lot of stickers all over the door of this small shop overnight, and it was full of unfinished writing. It is difficult to say that this is a design, but it was completed within 3 hours. If the road shop represents Some kind of drama, then this opening should also be an absurd start to this unreliable story.

Accidents are accidents after all, and what should be done is always done. Finally, the three stores were completed.

Design done, half way through construction, with every condition expected and unexpected, it seems that everything is still under control. It is planed to be finished by September 28th, and open at October 1st. Then there is limited power in factories. It is rather ironic that the stores of less than sixty square meters combined would be influenced by national economics and energy strategies, but here it comes. With only a few days left to reach its accomplishment, everything is now forgotten in the dark factories. What a tragedy. Something has to be done to make it open on time. With rounds of serious and meaningless discussions, we decide that now that it is unfinished, it would be best just leave it unfinished, admittedly. So the team at RIGI designs a bunch of stickers overnight to cover the façade of the store, full of word ‘unfinished’. It is hard to be seen as a design, but it only takes three hours to be done. If OTRS represents a sort of drama to some extent, then the opening would also be the ridiculous beginning of an absurd story.

Accident being accident, the unfinished should be finished in the end. Finally, all three stores are done.

store front covered by “unfinished” stickers  is covered with unfinished storefronts ©RIGI Design


“158&Highway Store – “Green Store” 158&OTRS – Green Store
“PINON 4-2&Highway Store – “Red Store” Pinon 4-2&OTRS – Red Store
“PARYT HEAD 42&Highway Store – “Blue Store” Party Head 42&OTRS – Blue Store

Red shop, blue shop, green shop, every 20 square meter shop, in every trivial and energetic night, it should provide more unknown happiness

Red blue and green, every store of twenty square meters, brings unexpected joy in every fussy but energetic night.

▼The front and plane
facade design of the three stores and the plans  ©RIGI Ruiji Design


“158 & Road Store” – Green Store
158 & OTRS – Green Store

Opposite is Shanghai’s Julu Road FOUND 158, a well-known bar gathering place, this store is a must-stop or end-stop for rich and young people of all kinds looking for fun. The pre drink before the war, the last drink before going home, the green shop is here, waiting for the lonely people every night.

Across the Julu Road is FOUND 158, a famous place where many pubs are located, this store is a must for many young people looking for fun, where they start or finish their journey of the day. The pre drink as the night begins, or the last drink before home, it always happens in the green store, which hosts every lonely people every night.

▼The exterior view of the Green Store along the streetexternal
view of the Green Store  ©RIGI Design

▼folding window at the store front  ©RIGI Design

▼Drinking navigation, navigate  ©RIGI Ruiji Design

▼Interior and details  ©RIGI Design


“PINON 4-2 & Road Store” – Red Store
Pinon 4-2 & OTRS – Red Store

The red shop is not far from the shop at 624 Changle Road, which has already said goodbye. To a certain extent, the red shop carries the public memory belonging to Changle Road. Occasionally becomes more clear, turning a corner, people still meet here by chance.

The red store is not for from the original location at 624 Changle Road, for which, to some extent, it inherits the public memory belonged to the old store. We are trying to give a more lively expression to this piece of memory, making the coincidences in the past times more of certainty, where people still meet each other just after turning around in the street.

▼Exterior view of the Red Store along the street, external view of the Red Store  ©RIGI Design

▼Entrance and the seating area outside the entrance  ©RIGI Design

▼Interior and details  ©RIGI Design


“PARYT HEAD 42&Road Store” – Blue Store
Party Head 42&OTRS – Blue Store

It is worth mentioning that the predecessor of the blue shop was a stylish barber shop in Shanghai-Pantou. Among the three shops, this shop has the most stylish people. Of course, the back of the shop is still open for business. For every funky head, get yourself a good look and have a drink.

It is worth pointing out that, the blue store was a very stylish barber shop in Shanghai – Party Head. The people gathering here are the most fashionable among three locations. Of course Party Head is still open in the backyard, where every head of style could get themselves better looking and grab a drink.

▼The exterior view of the Blue Store along the streetexternal
view of the Blue Store  ©RIGI Design

▼Details of the signs at the store front  ©RIGI Design

▼resting area, resting area  ©RIGI Design


5.  Street

In fact, in the design, RIGI does not like to describe this as a kind of street culture. This is not necessarily a kind of respect, what we care about is that young people express their views on the city in this way. It’s not all decadence and randomness. We needed to give these ideas a more interesting vehicle to carry these behaviors, so we outfitted the neighborhood with unnecessary and well-reasoned gear. The behavior of things, the behavior of people to things, and the behavior of people, RIGI has done a lot of things here, through the behavior given by these equipment, you may lean on, sit, open a bottle of wine, throw a bottle cap, the story is all in Happened by chance, this is the road shop. A lot of things can happen in one night, or nothing can happen, and that’s why everyone is here.

In fact, throughout the design, RIGI has never intended to describe it as a ‘street culture’. This is not necessarily any sort of respect or what. What we really care about, is that through this way people could show their opinions to this city, and it is not all decadent and pointless. We think it is important to give these points of view a more enjoyable medium that bears the behaviors, so we add many unnecessary but reasonable equipment to this block. There are actions of things, actions by people to things, and actions to people from things. RIGI takes a lot of actions here, we are trying to spark actions with these gears. Maybe you would like to lean on something, sit somewhere, open a bottle, or toss a cap. Stories happen randomly, and that is On The Road Store. So many things might happen through night, not maybe nothing at all,both of which are reasons people come here.

memory of street life in the three stores  ©RIGI Design

Telephone poles are always the sexiest street device, no matter small advertisements or graffiti, this is a bulletin board for young people, so while respecting the authority of telephone poles, we put a functional equipment on it, you can put a bottle of wine, You can also punch, and with this gear, I believe it will become more confident.

The poles are always the sexiest installations in the streets, no matter what is on it, illegal flyers or graffiti. It is a billboard for young people, so as we respect the authority of the poles, we also put a functional gear on it, where you could hold a beer on it or just give it a punch. Wish it a more confident pole with this piece of equipment.

▼Pole Gear Pack, Pole Gear Pack  ©RIGI Design

A colored patch is simply pasted into a city corner. The important thing is not whether it is harmonious or not, but at least we really express that this is a colored patch. From this point of view, we are at least better than those vulgar and hypocritical designs. of candor. There are two people in one street, who will sit, how to sit, how long to sit, and what to do when they sit on it. This is how the story happened. Existence is meaning, repetition is power, we want to leave a proof in the city.

A colorful patch simply covers a corner in the city. It is not important to tell if it is harmonious design, because at least we are being honest with the nature of the color. That distinguishes us from the vulgarness and affectations found in many other projects. Crowd in the street. Two seats. Who can sit? How to sit? When to leave? What to do? That’s how it begins. Existence is the meaning. Repeating is power. We want to leave an evidence in the city.

▼Patch of the Block, Patch of the Block  ©RIGI Design

▼Head seat, Throne of head  ©RIGI Design

▼Street memory, Markings on the street  ©RIGI Design

A 20-square-meter store, everything is related to wine, every bottle of wine is a story, every bottle of wine is an attitude, this is a convenience store related to wine, it sells every bottle of wine, and you It’s not just wine. Every destination should not be a destination. The meaning of the road lies in the next stop. Only the next stop will make your happiness today not become a life-saving memory.

Designing these things is actually quite troublesome. It needs to be wild without being rude, and it needs to be realistic without being realistic.

It’s a store of barely twenty square meters, where everything is related to liquors, and every bottle of wine is a story or an attitude. This is a convenient shop about alcohol, that it sells is just liquor, but what you get is far more than that. Every destination should not be the finish point, because the meaning of road is always found in the next stop. Only keeping forward could make your joy today never a painful piece of memory.

Designing these parts is rather complicated. You have to keep them wild without treating them without care, and you need to keep them real without too much realistic.

▼Drinking convenience store, Pour a store  ©RIGI Design

▼Drinking navigation, Blasted to navigate  ©RIGI Design

▼Links and connections  ©RIGI Design 

of Culture

In addition to the curbs and streets, in fact, this design will have a different presentation, RIGI hopes to give this store a larger dimension. Frankly speaking, the product design here is enough for us to write a lot of design instructions. Design that is ultimately not implemented in the design, but is an essential part. Everything is not so perfect, or rather, it does not need to be so perfect. Perhaps the world is becoming more and more efficient, but at least as designers, we are not slaves to results, it is the process that makes everything meaningful.

There could have been more aspects other than the curbs and streets to make the project rather different to the audiences because we intend to shape the stores from more dimensions. To be honest, there would be too much for you to read if we list all the product design details and turn them into design descriptions. Many of them did not go into production eventually, but are still important parts of the project. Nothing is perfect, or, put it in another way, nothing needs to be perfect. Maybe the world has been more efficient, but as designer we are not slave of results. The process gives more meaning to the project.

▼Collision of colors, collision of colors  ©RIGI Design

▼ Stickers can leave traces on every corner of the road shop, stickers can leave traits on every piece of OTRS  ©RIGI Ruiji Design

▼Efficiency is the killer of creation, and results are the poison to the soul – “for your unbridled ambitions”
efficiency is killer to creativity. Target is poison for souls. ‘For your irrelevant intentions’  ©RIGI Design

▼Make things that make drinks and joy happen  ©RIGI Design


We met
you accidentally after nine

Coincidentally, on a certain day in this project, I revisited the film of the King of Sunglasses and wrote down this line. Of course, Wong Kar-wai’s films are basically all about meeting and leaving. This line is 27 years later, and people pass by. Takeshi Kaneshiro who said this line is also 50 years old, which is a bit old-fashioned. Is it really easy to meet? In this day and age of trying to bind you with algorithms every day, the word “we” may be a luxury. It’s very simple, let the young people in this city throw away their mobile phones and meet them unexpectedly after nine o’clock.

Someday during the project, I accidentally rewatched this movie and take note on the quote. Of course, movies of Wong are always about encounter and separation. This quote, after twenty-seven years, could be easily missed by viewers now. The one who spoke this, Kaneshiro Takeshi, is also more than fifty. Everything seems a bit old school. Is encounter such an easy thing? At this era where algorithms are trying to lock on you, maybe the word ‘we’ is nothing more than luxury. Simple as hell. Hope the younglings toss their smart phones and meet accidently after nine.

▼Various people in the stores  © RIGI Design

What we fight all our lives is nothing but incompetence and boredom, but what we lose is often freedom and ourselves. Stories always happen by chance and change by chance. We think this is the meaning of road stores to young people, and it is also the meaning of our design. In every trivial and energetic night, we should provide people with more. What an unknown joy. Happiness is not a pursuit, it is an ability we need every second of our lives.

“Here’s a futuristic cigarette, don’t you want to try it?”

We spend our lives against our inability and boredom, but what is lost is always freedom and ourselvs. Stories always happen randomly, change occasionally, we think this is what On The Road Store means to the young generation, and also why we design. At every fussy but energetic  night, we wish it could provide people with more unexpected joy. Joy is not a pursuit, it is an ability required in every second of our lives.

‘There is a cigarette by Future, would you like to have a try?’

▼To provide people with a happy space, space provide people with happiness  ©RIGI Ruiji Design

Title: Band-Aid in the City , 3
Designs Related to Wine The main creative and design team of space design : Liu Kai, Liu Xu, McDonald’s Photographers: Liu Xu, Wang Xiyuan Photography copyright: RIGI Ruiji Design Case area: 20 square meters, 30 square meters, 30 square meters Main materials: galvanized sheet , neon light box, cement, metal Design description Writer: Liu Kai Design time: July 2021 Completion time: October 2021 Completion location: No. 209, Julu Road, Shanghai, No. 4-2, Xiangyang North Road, Shanghai, Maoming South Road, Shanghai No. 42

Name: City Band Aid, Three Designs Related to Liquors.
Design: RIGI Design
Category: Retail Space Design
Leader designer & Team: Liu Kai,Liu Xu, Donna Mai
Photographer: Liu Xu, Wang Xiyuan
Photo credits: RIGI Design
Area: 20 m2, 30 m2, 30 m2
Major Materials: Galvanized Steel Sheet, Neon Light Box, Cement, Metal
Design Description Editor: Liu Kai
Design Date: July, 2021
Construction Date: October, 2021
Construction Location: NO.209 Ju Lu Rd, SH; NO.4-2 Xiang Yang Rd(N), SH; NO.42 Mao Ming Rd(S), SH.

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