BDA is pleased to present the first-ever international design competition, which aims to honor and celebrate innovation and excellence in design on a global basis. This esteemed prize provides a stage for exhibiting ground-breaking innovations and businesses from all over the world. Its goals are to empower industrial change, improve lives, and steer future development.

Focus Areas of BDA

Three main areas are prioritized by BDA: driving future growth, empowering industrial change, and creating a better living. A wide range of industries are represented in the competition, such as the production of high-end equipment, intelligent robots, low-altitude aircraft, supercomputers, aerospace, and new energy vehicles. It also honors advancements in fashion design, cutting-edge materials, contemporary fabrics, home goods, electronic information items, and digital creativity. Additionally, innovations in green ecology, smart cities, urban public design, future industries, and social innovation are emphasized. These spaces show the various ways that the three concepts can be understood and used in modern design.

Open to a Wide Range of Innovations

The BDA is open to both current goods and novel ideas, offering participants a great chance to network professionally, get worldwide visibility, and compete for a sizable cash award. This competition provides an opportunity to showcase your creative concepts and solutions to a worldwide audience, regardless of your level of experience as a designer or organization.

Award Pool and Recognition

The BDA will include a large monetary prize pool with participants competing for a total of 4,250,000 CNY (around 540,000 Euro). This award, which comes with financial compensation and worldwide recognition, is intended to honor exceptional contributions to design and innovation.

Eligibility Criteria

Companies, organizations, designers, institutions, and people or teams from any nation or region are welcome to apply for BDA. A rich environment of creativity and invention is fostered by this inclusive approach, which guarantees the representation of many perspectives and ideas.

Come exhibit your work with us at this first edition of the BDA, meet influential designers, and have a big impact on the areas of improved living, industrial change, and future growth.

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