Beyond Isolation: Senior Housing Competition ما وراء العزلة: مسابقة إسكان كبار السن

Beyond Isolation: Senior Housing Competition

Introducing the Beyond Isolation: Senior Housing Competition, an architecture ideas competition focused on alleviating the isolation experienced by our aging population. As individuals grow older, they often face increased physical and social inactivity, leading to negative impacts on their physical and mental health. Furthermore, living alone or in isolation can exacerbate these issues, resulting in higher risks of accidents, depression, and difficulty accessing essential services.

This competition aims to reconnect seniors with their communities by inviting participants to create innovative housing systems that actively integrate elderly residents into the social fabric. The jury will be looking for designs that not only provide housing but also incorporate features that enable seniors to engage with their surroundings in meaningful ways.

With the freedom to select a site or location, participants have the opportunity to breathe new life into underprivileged areas, developing alternative visions for how architecture can address this pressing issue. Beyond Isolation: Senior Housing Competition is not simply about designing a house or apartment block; it encourages participants to explore additional functionalities such as retail shops, interest centers, and experience exchange hubs, all contributing to a sense of community and connection for seniors in their twilight years.


3 winning proposals, 2 special award recipients and 6 honourable mentions will be selected. Buildner (formerly Bee Breeders) will award a total of 7,000 € in prize money to competition winners as follows:

1st Prize – 3,000 €
2nd Prize – 1,500 €
3rd Prize – 1,000 €

+ 6 honourable mentions

Buildner Student Award – 1000 € + 50 € gift card at ARCHHIVE BOOKS

Buildner Sustainability Award – 500 €


Early Bird Registration: MAY 3 – JUNE 8
Advance Registration: JUNE 9 – SEPTEMBER 8
Last Minute Registration: SEPTEMBER 9 – NOVEMBER 2

Final registration deadline: NOVEMBER 2, 2023
Closing date for submission: DECEMBER 7, 2023 (11:59 p.m. LONDON TIME)
Announcement of the winners: FEBRUARY 15, 2024


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