Digitail – An advanced retail store design challenge

Digitail - An advanced retail store design challenge

Architecture Competition: Digitail – An advanced retail store design challenge

Physical to virtual shopping

As the pandemic hit the world, lockdown and isolation had become the new way of life of people. During this period most of the businesses suffered since consumers were separated from their product stores through the barrier of social distancing. The economy suffered for a while but in this time of necessity, some systems flourished.

E-shopping was one system that proved its worth contrary to other services. Online ordering and delivery to doorstep have revolutionized the trading models and their enormous success helped many businesses stay afloat during the pandemic period by reaching products to customers and earning.

Digital transformation has brought about a huge change in the customer experience. But even with E-retail being the convenient choice, people are still inclined towards physical exchange at retail outlets. Brands take effort to actively engage shop customers to create an immersive experience.

Can retail spaces resume footing in the post-pandemic marketspace, dominated by E-retail?

Brief: The challenge is to design an upgraded retail store with a digital infrastructure that can attune to changes in the future.

The aim of the challenge is to design a new retail environment that will make use of all senses of a being, instead of just relying on visual cues, to convey the motto of the brand and the products displayed. The focus must be to tailor individual moments and create a dynamic experience. 

The physical meets digital approach will be supplemented by stations where consumers can virtually try products. The digital elements must be part of the store infrastructure and seamlessly blend with the physical setting. 

Space must allow for interaction among customers and staff. Privacy must be guided so that users who require it can guide themselves through the store. Guidelines for social distancing and a safe, hygienic ambiance must be followed.


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