The DREAL Grand-Est with the support of the DGALN invites you to participate within the first edition of the Biome competition. this concept competition is hospitable students in schools of architecture, urban planning, landscaping and engineering.

What is a biome?
A biome (from the Greek bios, bio = life), also called macro-ecosystem, ecozone or ecoregion, designates a group of ecosystems characteristic of a biogeographical area and named on the idea of the vegetation and animal species that predominate and are adapted thereto .

Problem of the competition :
While Covid 19 seems to possess an enduring effect on our society and our ways of cohabitation , the Biome competition invites you to imagine during a city of the Grand-Est region an architectural, urban or landscape project capable of bringing together city and nature. Faced with the worldwide problems linked to heating , the disappearance of biodiversity, conurbation and soil sealing, how can we imagine resilient urban complexes?

The Biome competition offers you the chance to bring utopia and reality into dialogue with the aim of rewarding innovative ideas capable of reconciling the town with nature.

Examples of issues :
How to reduce the consequences of warmth islands in urban areas?
How can the hearts of cities and therefore the hearts of warmth islands be renatured?
What place for biodiversity in urban spaces?
What solutions to fight against soil sealing in urban areas?
Which urban planning are often alleged to create a dialogue between nature and human activity?

DREAL Grand-Est implements the policies of the Ministry of Ecological Transition (MTE) and therefore the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion (MCT).

It is a player in sustainable development within the Grand-Est region within the areas of land use planning, transportation and mobility infrastructure, housing, energy, prevention of natural and technological risks, preservation of biodiversity, water and landscapes, preservation of resources and green growth and therefore the circular economy.

The General Directorate for Planning, Housing and Nature (DGALN) of the Ministry of Ecological Transition (MTE) develops, manages and evaluates policies on urban planning, construction, housing, landscapes, biodiversity, water and non-energy minerals.

The DREAL and therefore the DGALN, by launching the Biome ideas competition, invite young talents in architecture and landscaping to require part within the debate on the town of tomorrow!


You can already register for the competition by following this link: Biome, imagine a new nature in the city for the Great East.
Applications must be submitted online until Friday, July 16, 2021.

For any questions questions concerning the organization of the contest :
We look forward to discovering your projects!

The DREAL Grand-Est team

Alors que la Covid 19 semble marquer durablement notre société et nos manières de vivre ensemble, le concours Biome invite les étudiants en école d’architecture et de paysage à imaginer dans une ville de la région Grand-Est un projet architectural, urbain ou paysager capable de faire dialoguer ville et nature.

Le concours Biome est organisé par la DREAL Grand-Est avec le soutien de la DGALN du Ministère de la Transition Écologique. Les étudiants peuvent d’ores et déjà s’inscrire au concours via le lien ci-dessous: BIOME Imaginer une nouvelle nature en ville pour le Grand Est

Le concours est doté de 3 prix:

  • 1er Prix: 4000 Euros
  • 2eme Prix: 3000 Euros
  • Prix 3eme: 2000 Euro s

Deux mentions spéciales de 500 € pourront également être remises aux candidats.

Les candidatures sont à déposer en ligne jusqu’au vendredi 16 juillet 2021 .

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