Brava tower: Blends Newspaper History with Modern Luxury

Brava Tower, located in Houston, Texas, stands as a distinctive addition to the city’s skyline. Rising 46 stories tall, this apartment building offers 373 rental units, each boasting unparalleled views of the surrounding urban landscape. Designed by Munoz + Albin Architecture & Planning and featuring interiors by MaRS Culture, Brava Tower is more than just a residential complex—it’s a celebration of Houston’s rich history and a testament to modern luxury.

A Unique Design Concept

Unlike many contemporary towers that blend seamlessly into the urban fabric, Brava Tower stands out with its bold and dynamic design. The architects at Munoz + Albin Architecture & Planning took a creative approach by rotating the structure 45 degrees, allowing for maximum views and visual interest. The building’s LED-edged glazed facade resembles a sail, symbolizing both movement and elegance.

Honoring Newspaper History

Brava Tower’s connection to Houston’s past is deeply rooted in its location, which was once owned by The Houston Chronicle. To pay homage to this history, the interior design team at MaRS Culture infused the space with nods to the physical newspaper and the stories it contains.

sleek lobby space with fireplace and table with chairs
Eric Laignel

Thoughtful Design Elements

In the lobby, a custom fluorescent-tube fixture spells out “Libertas perfundet omnia luce,” Latin for “Freedom will flood all things with light,” a powerful tribute to the freedom of the press. The design team also incorporated gently undulating plaster walls in the leasing lounge, evoking the folds of a newspaper. Additionally, a penthouse lounge nook features wallcovering woven from recycled newspaper, adding a touch of sustainability to the luxurious space.

Modern Luxury Meets Historical Significance

Brava Tower seamlessly blends modern luxury with historical significance, creating a space that is both elegant and meaningful. From its striking exterior to its thoughtfully designed interior spaces, every aspect of the building reflects a deep appreciation for Houston’s past while embracing the city’s vibrant present and promising future. As a recipient of the 2023 Best of Year Award for Small Residential Lobby/Amenity Space, Brava Tower sets a new standard for urban living in Houston.

interior lobby of apartment builder with brown divider
Eric Laignel


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