Building a Martian House Competition

Building a Martian House Competition | مسابقة بناء بيت على كوكب المريخ

Architecture Competiton: Building a Martian House Competition

Martian House, which will be installed at Bristol’s M Shed in 2022, was conceived by local artists Ella Good and Nicki Kent and will be brought to life by specialists in the fields of space exploration, extreme environments, and sustainability.

This competition is an exciting opportunity to be part of a cross-industry collaboration that has seen artists, scientists, architects, and engineers coming together to create a full-scale Martian house for the future.

The finished build will be a fully functional, small accommodation inspired by future scenarios where humans live permanently on other planets. However, we not only want to deliver a functional and well-lit environment but also bring a home feel and personal touch to the Martian house.

And this is where you come in to help us with the design of a pendant lampshade for the main living space. Located on the first floor, the main living space features a hydroponic living room, a kitchenette, and a floor-to-ceiling window with views over Princes Wharf in Bristol. Utilising 3D printing technology, we are looking for pendant lampshade designs that will consider sustainability, functionality and original aesthetics that will make a Martian house feel like a home.

The competition is open to all members of the public, and participation can be both individual and in teams. The judging panel will select three finalists from submitted entries. Then, the winning lampshade will be 3D printed and installed in the Martian House, showcasing your design to thousands of people visiting the exhibition in 2022.

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