Call for Ideas: Future Public Space

In this competition we encourage participants to come up with visionary concepts for an alternative public space that embraces today’s challenges – Only 2 drawings, absolute freedom of scale, site or program. Participants are asked to propose conceptual ideas for the public space that will populate our future cities.

Public spaces are an important asset to our cities. They provide people many opportunities to come together and engage with the community. Many consider inclusivity and diversity as a value for public space to be preserved and protected.

Future Public Space is part of the “Cities of Tomorrow” competition series, developed to reimagine urban life through a variety of creative design concepts and ideas. What kind of role can we play as designers in reimagining urban life? How can we produce new inspiring visions to trigger a discussion around alternative models of urban living?

Future Public Space aims to answer those questions with particular focus on future cities and by questioning the nature of public space.

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