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Our cities today are an amalgamation of varied choices and experiences of the past, made by our users, designers also leaders. A by-product of cultures that abide in it, today’s urban environment faces fastidiously changing technology and reworking lifestyle choices. ‘Communication’ has had an outsized impact on ‘commute’ and therefore the meaning of ‘meeting’ is not any more limited to physical. There has been a paradigm shift within the cultural perception of the built and private boundaries and territorialities have strengthened tremendously. the standard of indoor and outdoor in an urban space determines the standard of interpersonal relationships also and health and well-being of its users. it’s hence important to plan and style spaces that are capable of accommodating transformation. In today’s scenario ‘Resilience’ is that the only constant that helps keep the cities stable. the standard and strength of this resilience determines the standard of Urban life.

TUR’s third issue titled ‘Spatial Chronicles’ attempts to debate through a compilation of varied articles, the essence and character of the varied notions and practices in Urban planning, design and architecture of this . The ever changing spatiality of our cities are often described through various filters of Environment, economics, people and place. Few of the various parameters are listed below and your contributions are expected to revolve around them, but might not be limited to those factors.

Spatial Parameters that define Urban transformation:

Globalisation – Travel and exchange
Informal sector – Working and Living scenario
Public Space – Perception and Design
Changing Lifestyles – cultural boundaries and heritage
Physical and Virtual Presence – spatial requirements and duality of existence

Submission Format-
Articles: 750 – 1500 words, word document(.doc format)
Photographs/ Illustrations/ Artpieces/ Sketches: JPEG format – 600 DPI

Articles: INR 1000
Photographs/ Illustrations/ Artpieces/ Sketches: INR 500
(Participation is free, publication fee to be paid only after your work is selected)

Submission Deadline-
30 December 2020

Send us your submission at

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