Top 5 stunning Contemporary Buildings Around The World  

When it comes to building ideas we have different opinions but believe it or not contemporary architecture has to be the best preference of anyone it is that versatile. Now it is true that contemporary architecture is not the pure form of architecture rather it is a mixture of architectural ideas with that of modern architecture so the end result often proves out to be technologically advanced and at the same time it can possess the look of any industrial or such kind of look which is a great thing for sure and no matter what is you building preference but you can still have and be satisfied with that of a contemporary architecture building.

Apart from the small scale houses and residential buildings, there are some of the contemporary architecture buildings around the world that would stun you at first sight they are that gorgeous.

Contemporary buildings are hard to construct because you need innovation for getting one constructed and at the same time, you would have to be sure while indulging two different building styles together which sounds kind of tough but at the same time it is easy to construct all-new designs with such styles which is a great thing for sure.

If you would look around then you would be able to find out that award-winning buildings are all contemporary styled buildings and if you are wondering about some of the best contemporary architecture buildings then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out and also you can, of course, get inspired by these below-mentioned contemporary building designs:

The blue planet:

This beautiful building has been constructed by the very talented group of architects named as 3XN and this building is constructed exactly at Copenhagen which comes under Denmark. As the name suggests this house is not less than any planet overall and it has a very soothing blue color to it which makes it look so beautiful that you would get possessed by the beauty spell done by this house. This house is smooth like a dream and have very minimal detailing and would not even look like any residential house altogether. It has some high-low work going on which makes it innovative and beautiful at the same time.

The Blue Planet


Alcacer do sal residences building:

This building is constructed by the very famous group of architecture namely Aires Mateus and the hard work of the architectures could be seen in this house which is an amazing thing for sure. This house is exactly located at Alcacer do sal which is a small place that comes under Portugal and it is pity clear that the name of the house has been taken from the place only.

This house can also be called as cube house as from the exterior of the house it just appears as if some white cube has been organized one after the other leaving some space at the center which seems so gorgeous that you would eventually fall in love with the house. This is, of course, a huge building where a big family can reside and the area for the construction of this building was huge enough as well. It is a triple-story building which has many rooms of its own.

Alcacer do sal residences building


Parkroyal on Pickering:

This amazing as well as, huge building is a part of WOHA’s constructions and it is one of their most successful as well as beautiful modern contemporary architecture building which is a great thing and this building is also said to be a pride of Singapore when it comes to best buildings and constructions. Parkroyal on Pickering


The best things about this building apart from the height of this building has to be the two floors of the building that are entirely dedicated to garden constructions and this addition of plants and flowers actually makes the building appear this beautiful and despite the two separate garden floors there is space to construct a separate garden in each floor of the building. The ideology of planting more greenery is clear by the initiative of the architectural team of the building which is a great thing for the planet.


House of arts:

This building has been constructed by the very talented group named as future architecture thinking and we are sure that this particular construction made by them is so advanced that it is perfect even for the future generation and this construction is a perfect example of best modern contemporary architecture.

House of arts


This building is constructed in Miranda do Corvo which comes under Portugal and this seems like huge blocks of red which are of different shapes has been united and pasted together to form this beautiful building. There is no doubt a huge building which is meant for a big family and rather if you live with a family chain then this would be perfect for you and it has taken a huge area of land to get constructed.

Two hulls:

This name of the house is due to the dually extended part of the house and this house has been constructed as well as designed by the very talented group of architects namely Mackay-Lyons Sweetapple architects and this is one of their most innovative buildings of all time and this building is exactly situated at Canada.

Two hulls


This house has a base and two extended openings which literally looks like an opening of a binocular so even if the base of the house doesn’t have enough space then also these opening would get you some more spare space in the house which is a great thing for sure. It is a residential building which has been constructed mostly with wooden materials and the use of glass has also been observed in this house which is a great thing for sure.

These were some of the best contemporary architecture buildings that you can check out and also you can find more such designs at archup.

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