Call for Submissions: 006 PROCESS

Kreatura.zine isn’t a typical zine, but rather an initiative launched by the scholars and up to date graduates, getting to gather young creatives from round the world to offer them space to talk out.

The undertaken topics, often seen from extreme perspectives, are the chance to research and search for the answers. We don’t demand immediate answers, established knowledge and private manifestoes. Kreatura.zine may be a platform for self-education, an area to form mistakes and gain skills that we didn’t possess at the university. It’s stepping out of our temperature to face the ideas and critique. We are nevertheless faraway from forming judgments; we present our current views, which can within the future change along side gaining knowledge. We try to travel beyond the schemes and take up the topics that aren’t obvious or yet fully researched. We are hospitable collaborate with everyone who shares an equivalent vision of development by making (and sometimes failing).

Audiovisual works

In addition to 2d graphics, it is possible to upload videos and music. Please send your works in pdf, jpeg, png,tiff or any other relevant format. Send a submission to


We do not set the lower and upper limit of words, nor do we impose a form of the text. Both essays and poetry can be published. In articles and essays, please include footnotes with the works cited by the author. Please send your works in doc format (pdf not preferred). Send a submission to

We also invite organizers of events and workshops to cooperate with, which we can share with our readers. Please send emails to

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