Call for Submissions: ASF Award 2021

ASF International was founded as a results of an increased interest in social and environmental issues in reference to the built environment and dissatisfaction with ethical standards of mainstream architecture. the aim of Architecture Sans Frontières International (ASF-Int) is to enable vulnerable communities access to architectural services, research and academic resources so as to extend their resilience and reduce vulnerability. Architecture Sans Frontières International (ASF) is an independent network of design not for profit organisations concerned with social justice, the cultural and environmental aspects of architecture and therefore the conservation of the human and physical heritage aspects of the built environment.

ASF Award was founded with the assumption that architecture has the potential to propose and develop efficient strategies, support and concepts to the social, environmental and related spatial challenges that face the worldwide built environment. The goal of the award is to market those solutions among the planning profession and therefore the general public, which can encourage an exchange of ideas and challenge the profession to develop the development of social facilities and infrastructure. The ASFAW has been a successful multi-year platform to inspire, share and promote design projects that capture and exemplify the values of the Hasselt Charter for a worldwide audience. annually 100’s of applicants answer the decision and their work is showcased throughout ASF’s online presence.

Competition is hospitable all participants, ongoing or finished projects.

The type of projects can range from small scale to a bigger urban context varying from architectural projects, urban planning and style interventions, environmental and architecture , Industrial design, educational, cultural, economic interventions, projects with relevance of social participation process etc.

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