Camp Out – RV hotel design challenge

Camp Out - RV hotel design challenge | Camp Out - تحدي تصميم فندق RV

Architecture Competition: Camp Out – RV hotel design challenge.

Brief: Design an RV (Recreational Vehicle) parking hotel for tourists. They can park their RV for a certain period of time during their visit, and use the communal spaces, designed on the lot.

Amenities of any regular hotel can be altered to suit the RV and its users’ needs. Facilities must be specific to the site and serve the purpose of relaxation and recreation. Communal activities are essential to any traveling experience, and spaces for interaction with similar groups must be allotted.

An RV specializes in providing comfort and privacy and this must be supplemented, by the parking space design. The design of the lot must cause minimal disruptions for its occupants and the locality around. Sustainability must be practiced to ensure that the site remains unharmed and protected.

The spatial organization of the parking lot and optimal use of the views that the scenic location provides are key factors to make this typology work.

Registration Deadline:  Monday, Nov 22, 2021
Submission Deadline: Tuesday, Nov 23, 2021

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