Arena – Open air theatre design challenge

Arena - Open air theatre design challenge | الساحة - تحدي تصميم المسرح في الهواء الطلق

Architecture Competition: Arena – Open air theatre design challenge

Entertainment is a competitive industry that tries to adapt to every obstacle that comes it’s way. It also relies on consumers to embrace these as a way to escape the limitations of today’s times. How will outdoor entertainment reinvent itself by drawing parallels from the past?

Brief: The challenge of the competition is to design an open-air theatre on a cliffside, for an occupancy of 500 people that can serve various activities like drama, cinema, or even concerts.

Space is a safer alternative as compared to recreation activities that take place indoors. But space, despite being able to bring people out into an open space, would have to tackle environmental factors like sun and ventilation. Space must offer comfort to all its visitors while following the rules of social distancing. The site is located along the slope of a cliff facing the sea.

This has to be used in the design, without disrupting the functionality of the spaces within. The seating and staging place is the main attraction of the place, but auxiliary spaces can be added to the project to improve the convenience and access of the audience and visitors.

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